kfc franchise requirements

It is not easy to become a kfc franchise owner. As one of the biggest franchise brands in the world, with over 800 kfc restaurants in the UK and Ireland alone, kfc carefully selects their franchisees to ensure the continuation of their success.

As well as being motivated, with true entrepreneurial spirit and a strong belief in the kfc brand, you also need a lot of money to invest if you wish to buy a kfc franchise as you will be expected to expand to 10 restaurants in 5 years.

The cost of a KFC franchise in the UK will involve a minimum of £5m investment if you are a business, of which £2m will need to be your own investment. You must also have access to additional funding to match growth.

As a guide, to become a KFC franchisee in the UK, the costs per unit will involve an initial new licence fee of $43,600, franchise royalty at 6% of sales and an advertising contribution of 5% of sales.

Whilst we consider individuals and businesses that operate others franchise businesses, we will consider any that are in direct competition with kfc e.g. McDonalds, Burger King, Wimpy franchise and other similar fast food franchises.

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