Oven cleaning franchises

Question: I am considering buying into a franchise opportunity in the near future.

I am keen on the oven cleaning service market. Do you think there is good potential in this product? Do you think or have any evidence that the service providers are already over populating the market?

Have you any suggestions re the better franchise providers.

Answer: Certainly I believe the Home Services market is a strong one and one that has been fairly stable throughout the economic down turn. Within that arena Oven Cleaning, like the residential cleaning market in general, has always done well and if you wish to be involved in a practical, service driven operation then it is well worth considering. As with any business of this type its eventual success will depend on you marketing the business and gaining referrals etc but a good franchisor will assist with the tools and training for this.

In terms of market saturation I don’t believe the UK generally is saturated in any way but this may not be the case in the local area in which you are considering setting up. You should investigate the Yellow Pages/ Yell/ Thompsons etc listings to identify local competitors. It would be my guess than most will be independents rather than franchised operations.

As regards specific franchisors there are only a few national franchised brands and my advice would be to select and meet with the ones that are members of the British Franchise Association. Meet with each of them and speak to some of their franchisees before making a commitment to a specific network. Franchisors, even within the same service sector, will have different cultures and ways of working so you need to be comfortable with this side of the relationship as well as the finance and projections.

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