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Oscar Pet Foods“To find a reliable and supportive franchisor was soon resolved when I discovered whichfranchise. It was so easy to reach and it became clear that I had found a trustworthy advisor who offered independent advice. The franchise section helped me to link with OSCAR Pet Foods, which was very well reviewed, and resulted in my decision to become a franchisee.”Nick Blakemore, OSCAR Pet Foods, Lichfield & Tamworth


Oscar Pet Foods"I found the whichfranchise website very easy to navigate. It provided me with all the information and advice I needed to research the concept of franchising and potential business opportunities. A one stop shop that empowered me with knowledge to make a calculated and informed decision about my future.”Lyn Higgins, OSCAR Pet Foods, Bridgnorth


Oscar Pet Foods“When investigating the possibilities of purchasing a franchise business I came across whichfranchise. It seemed one of the better options to gather information and specifically the case study section gave me a great insight into the benefits. It drew my attention to take a closer look at OSCAR Pet Foods and to my future business opportunity.” Mark Robertson, OSCAR Pet Foods, Solent


Auto ValetDirect“whichfranchise helped me in deciding that the right way into owning my own company was franchising. The information provided on there website is very detailed and straightforward, providing indepth detail into what franchising is all about. whichfranchise also offers you the chance to read about other franchisees and there experiences they have had in their selected franchise.” Chris Walker, Autovaletdirect


Oscar Pet Foods“I enjoyed using the whichfranchise website because I found it quite straight forward. I used it to go through each franchise individually and then seeing if the franchise company has its own website to gain more information. I found the website was good at helping you to find franchises that match your skill set, from there its up to you to contact and find out more information.” Paul Tree, OSCAR Pet Foods


Signs Express“I found a very helpful source of both information on franchising and on Signs Express. I was already interested in the sign franchise but it was the resale section on that alerted me to an opportunity in Scotland. Although it wasn’t the exact area I was looking for it turned out that Signs Express (Glasgow) was also possibly available for resale although no firm decisions had been made at that point. It was a great introduction to what is now my own franchise operation,” Graham Casey, Signs Express (Glasgow)


Signs Express“whichfranchise was one of the first franchise websites that I found whilst investigating franchising as a business option. I found it an excellent source of information covering numerous up-to-date topics both from franchisors and current franchisees. I was particularly interested in buying an existing franchise and found that a Signs Express in my area was on the market, so using the online enquiry section I requested further information and was quickly contacted by Signs Express,” Danny Pickersgill, Signs Express (South Durham)


Business Doctors "I carried out fairly extensive research using the web site during my initial investigations into which franchises are available on the market. The site was probably the main source of information I used in gathering this information together. I found it easy to narrow down the field according to my particular experience and preferences thanks to the easy to use categories on the site: I looked at resales, management and white collar franchises. This highlighted Business Doctors as the best match for me – and a few short months later I’m now signed up and launching my own Business Doctors territory in Yorkshire." Neil Kendall, Business Doctors, Yorkshire


WPA “I had been a fully authorised financial planner for 18 years but always wanted to run my own business. I was keen to build a secure financial future for my family and thought franchising would be a sensible and profitable option. A friend recommended and I began to look at lots of different franchises to find one I was interested in and where my skills could be put to good use. The website was very informative and easy to use. It is there that I found WPA and was able to go straight to WPA’s website. I joined their franchise team in February 2009, taking over an existing portfolio of 1100 customers. With their support and training I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back!” Michael Dow, WPA, Northern Ireland


Kwiklite “I found the whichfranchise site after I saw an article in the Daily Mirror which said it was a key site to refer to. I found it clear and simple to use and full of useful information. There was a questionnaire which helped me determine which franchise was most suited to me. The links were useful too. ” Adam Booth, Kwiklite


Silverdaze“As a potential franchisee, I found the whichfranchise website incredibly useful and informative in the hunt to find the right franchise for me. The website itself is easy to use and contains a huge range of franchise opportunities, which are helpfully listed by business category/sector. By having all this information and advice to hand in one place, whichfranchise gave me the confidence to pick up the phone and take that all important first step towards being a franchisee. And look at me now!!” Esther Brinkworth, Silverdaze, Birmingham


Silverdaze “ is an extremely user-friendly franchise directory which makes it easy to browse for information about opportunities that are relevant to you.” Natalie Stafferton, Silverdaze, London


Tax Assist “The first thing any aspiring franchisee needs to do is research the opportunities available. I was only interested in bfa members and using whichfranchise gave me direct links to the franchisors I was interested in. I shudder to think how long my initial search would have been without whichfranchise, which led me straight to the information I was seeking and to the franchisors I wanted to approach.” Mike Tombs, TaxAssist Accountants, Dudley


Tax Assist “I found an excellent source of impartial information and advice. The depth of knowledge included makes it a great research portal for anyone taking the first steps towards owning a franchise. The website is laid out well and easy to manoeuvre around. I have no hesitation in recommending whichfranchise to others.” Shekh Rao, TaxAssist Accountants, Camberley


Tax Assist “I found the whichfranchise website very user friendly, well designed and intuitive. Anyone who is interested in starting their own business should look here.”Andrew Richardson, TaxAssist Accountants, Elgin


Funky Monkey “Whilst browsing the internet I came across where I discovered the Funky Monkeys franchise. I submitted a request for information on the franchise and was very surprised at how quickly they contacted Funky Monkeys. As a result of this search on my husband and I were successful in signing the master licence for Ireland. Since signing the master licence, has provided us with a number of leads to prospective franchisees. We see it as an invaluable tool in helping us develop and grow our business in Ireland.” Alison Simpson, Funky Monkeys, Irish Master Franchisor


Funky Monkey “Whilst looking for franchise opportunities in my area I discovered It clearly listed all available franchises in simple to navigate sections and I quickly found a number of them that interested me. I was able to get a lot of detail about Funky Monkeys, including backgrounds on the owners, pricing and current franchise locations as well as all the contact details I needed to move my enquiry forward.” Richard Warriner, Funky Monkeys


Driver Hire “I had been registered with whichfranchise for over a year, and in that time they continually sent me updates on Franchises I might have been interested in. I would frequently visit the website and read case studies as a general guide on the franchises on offer.” I decided eventually to purchase an existing franchise from the Franchise resale section as this represented my needs better. I found the website informative and easy to use and the frequent emails on new opportunities kept me right up to date. I would recommend whichfranchise to anyone interested in this method of starting up in business, it is a one stop shop for all your franchise needs.” Tony McCafferty, Inverness, Driver Hire


Charisnack “ was the first site we looked at and certainly the best, we looked at other sites during our initial search but came back to your site in order to do the serious work on finding a franchise to suit our needs.

The site gave us so much information about franchising and it was so easy to navigate too. We had very clear ideas about the kind of business opportunity we were looking for (& not looking for) and it was great to be able to quickly drill down to specific areas of interest.

We found several franchises that were of interest and requested further information via your site which came promptly, we commenced business with ChariSnack in April this year.” Liz Fudge, South Shropshire/Herefordshire, Charisnack


Barking Mad “Finding Barking Mad on the whichfranchise website, which is only for bfa franchises, gave me peace of mind and added reassurance that it was a good business opportunity.” Ruth Selwood, Barking Mad


Bluebird “ was one of the first sites I found through an internet search. It was a bonus that there was so much general information on the site as well as advertising franchises. The section on the step-by-step guide to becoming a franchisee was very useful” Christine Hudson, Bluebird Care, Canterbury & Thanet


Bluebird “I found the website a most useful tool in my franchise search. I knew I wanted a care service franchise so my search was more limited than other site users but the information was easy to find.” Vivian Davies, Bluebird Care, Bournemouth


Auditel “The site is very useful for anyone just starting out on researching the franchise industry. I was interested in a white-collar professional franchise and easily found what was available by clicking on the appropriate business category buttons. I was able to narrow down my search quite quickly to a handful of opportunities. After reading their copy and making my final selection, I simply keyed in my contact details and waited for the response from the franchisors.” Mark Timmins, Auditel, Northampton


Auditel “I did not fully understand the concept of franchising including the exact relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. So I had a number of questions that needed answers, in addition to finding something I would really enjoy doing! I found the site particularly well presented and easy to navigate. The button ‘All About Franchising’ offers a wealth of impartial information enabling my questions to be answered swiftly and intelligently.” Gordon Brearley, Auditel, Livingston


Auditel “It’s really a bonus to find a website like Being new to franchising, the site offered pretty well everything I needed to move forward with some degree of confidence and with minimal time and effort. It’s very simple to navigate and contains so much useful, impartial and easily found information on the whole franchise industry and the status of both the franchisor and franchisee. I found the franchises I wanted to pursue very quickly and contacted them easily and quickly through the ‘request further information’ form. Recommended!” Keith Marsh, Auditel, Fareham


Oscars“We wanted to work at our own pace with the security of an established organisation. Looking for the answer to the obvious question: provided us with an in-depth presentation of business opportunities. Oscar stood out – having always worked with people we thought that our expertise would work for pets too. With a friendly support team and a reliable product, we were able to promote the brand with confidence helping us towards reaching the finals of the bfa Franchisee of the Year Award.” Tracy and Cliff Marsh, Lewes, East Sussex, Oscars

Pro Kill “I found to be a really useful website for assisting me in my franchise research. It is fair to say I possibly wouldn't have come across Prokil,l let alone taken up the franchise, without the help of” Chris Weston, Prokill, Cornwall


logo“I would like to thank you for your help in finding my new business with Autovaletdirect. Your website has been extremely helpful in my initial and daunting task of selecting the right franchise for me and the further due diligence and day-to-day tasks of assessing Autovaletdirect, franchising and financing of the business.” Shaun Kinsell, Autovaletdirect, West Midland


logo " was an excellent source for researching bfa affiliated franchises, backed by excellent advice and information. All-in-all in helped me to find the right franchise for me." Gary Stevens, AutoValetDirect, Tonbridge


Yoga Bugs“I've always wanted to have my own business and knew that taking the franchise route would be the best option. I had seen YogaBugs on Dragon's Den and loved their concept. After having a baby I was not ready to go back to work and miss out on her growing up, so was determined to do something of my own. I started doing a lot of research on the web and found extremely helpful and very user-friendly. When I came across YogaBugs on I was very excited. I've recently bought the North-West London YogaBugs franchise and love what I am doing. It also allows me to spend valuable time with my baby. Thank you whichfranchise for helping me find the right franchise for me.”

Kalpana Patel, North West London, YogaBugs


Yoga Bugs “ For me whichfranchise proved an invaluable asset towards both deciding on franchising and finding the Franchise for me. I attended several workshops were I was able to talk & network with real people in situations often similar to me. Being able to communicate with a business,which displayed impartiality was crucial in my decision making. The web site proved a time saving tool in narrowing my search, which is great in what can be a minefield of decision making. ” Colin Campbell, Cash Generator


Maid2Clean“ After much thought i decided i wanted to purchase a cleaning franchise, having found Maid2Clean, very easily on, contact was made with Elaine and from there on everything seemed to come together very quickly.” Stephen Bayliss, Maid2Clean, Hereford


Popstar Academy “We found to be the best and most helpful website in our search for our business. It was extremely user friendly and it wasn't long before we were guided to our ideal franchise Popstars Academy ! The in-depth information provided was invaluable and answered any questions that we had. As performers this was the perfect opportunity for us to own a business which is performance based while also inspiring children to be fit and healthy, plus the added bonus that we could run the business from home! We will definitely be recommending to anyone who is considering buying a franchise!” Lee Brennan (lead singer 911) & Lindsay Armaou (B*witched)Richmond & Twickenham, Popstars Academy Franchisees.


img src="images/catergoryLogos/baguette.gif" alt="Baguette Express" width="106" height="61" border="0" /> “Through internet research we came across The site is ideal for those individuals looking to buy their own franchise. After going through all the Franchises and having them explained in detail, we found one suitable to our needs very quickly. Making contact with the Franchisor was also made very simple and we found no need to do any further searching.” Lawrence Jack, Baguette Express.


Baguette Express “whichfranchise helped me find the right franchise as compared to the other franchising websites it has a very simple structure so it only took me a few minutes to identify a suitable franchise opportunity. As the website gives a summary of the franchisors business you have a clear idea if this opportunity matches your needs. Contacting the franchisor and getting further information was again very simple.” Amer Mohammed, Baguette Express


Baquette Express “While I was searching for a business venture I looked at a handful of franchise websites but was very impressed when using I find very informative and easy to navigate around each category. I also enjoyed reading the summary from each franchisor about their business and contacting the franchisor was very easy to do from the way structures their web pages. I’m happy to say that I found my ideal business venture with Baguette Express from using” Keith Johnson, Baguette Express


Jo Jingles “I was looking for a franchising opportunity and came across the whichfranchise website. It was very informative and is well known as a trusted source of information. The website offered a short questionnaire to assess my suitability as a franchisee and with a positive result and my growing interest, there began my road to becoming a franchisee.

I contacted Jo Jingles amongst other pre-school music franchises, and received a prompt professional response. I went along to visit a class in action and was again impressed by the quality of the teaching and the professional standard of the classes. It was so much fun that it was then that I decided that Jo Jingles was the right thing for me. It was reassuring to know that Jo Jingles are full members of the British Franchising Association, and that I was buying into a proven accredited franchise.” Cheryl Cranston, Bromley, Jo Jingles


Furniture Pro“I found to be very informative and useful when I was considering buying a franchise. The structure of the site is well-planned out, making it easy to use and find information of interest. I recommend that anyone considering a franchise should log on to whichfranchise.” Paul Rochester, Galashiels, FurniturePro


Maid2Clean “I invested in the franchise with Maid2Clean after doing a lot of research on cleaning franchises online. I found particularly user-friendly and informative. This went a long way towards helping us make the decision to buy our Maid2Clean franchise.” Candy Parr Maid2Clean, Yorkshire


Maid2Clean “I used to gain information regarding the franchises available. I found the information useful and relevant, and from the contacts available on the site, I purchased a franchise with Maid2Clean and I'm glad I did.” Tim Marley, Maid2Clean, Cardiff and Vale franchisee


LazerTech“whichfranchise gives easy access to accurate and up-to-date information on business concept available in the UK franchise market. I have found it to be an excellent tool for assessing the potential of franchises. The depth of information and advice available on the site was beneficial to me in making an informed judgement as to which path in franchising I was going to take and in choosing Lasertech.” Kevin Fall, Lasertech


Martin&Co “For me the internet was the simplest to use and most productive franchise search method. Ranked highly in Google, was my first choice of websites when searching for information about franchising. I was able to search easily for lettings and property management franchises on the site and requested further information from a couple of other franchises (through the site) before selecting Martin & Co. I have a personal interest in property and the information provided on the site was exactly what I was looking for.” Phil Watson, Martin & Co, Rochdale


Martin&Co“We found the Internet particularly useful for carrying out desk research on buying a franchise. Initially we were undecided about the type of franchise to purchase or whether to buy a resale. contained details on various options available if franchising was the chosen business route. It was also possible to check details such as bfa membership and seminar dates – all on the one site. Using the site provided us with information that was broad in its content and helped us find the franchise that was right for us.” Rashmi Varma & David Sherratt, Chelmsford, Martin & Co


Bluebird “ gave me a good insight into franchising with the information available and the number of franchises being advertised. It assisted greatly in narrowing down my business choice to the booming care sector” Justine Bowman, Bluebird Care, Bury


Bluebird “I had been looking at franchising for a long time as I could see the advantages of starting a business this way. Obviously there are pitfalls and one has to do one’s homework before committing to a franchise. provided me with plenty of advice which helped greatly in assessing the Bluebird Care opportunity.”Ann O’Neill, Bluebird Care, Epsom & Kingston


Auditel“I must congratulate the designer of the site. It is laid out in such a simple way that it took me just a few minutes to find all the general information on franchising I needed to move forward. Having decided on a professional franchise, I was able to pinpoint those I wanted to progress. I simply entered my contact details, which were automatically forwarded to my chosen franchisors. The case studies and quotes from franchisees are especially helpful in making a final selection.” Robert Young, Auditel, Chesterfield


Auditel“As a potential franchisee, I was looking both for information on franchising and a selection of franchises available in the white collar professional sector. I found the site particularly helpful. It provided an excellent insight into the whole concept of franchising and saved so much time in answering my questions. Having read through the franchisors’ copy from my initial selection, I made my final choice and contacted them via a very simple request form.” Derek McGaw, Auditel, Glasgow


Oscars“My blood pressure went down the day I started my Oscar franchise. Having been self-employed for most of my working career the security of a franchise has proved its worth time and time again, especially when asking the bank for support. I wanted a pet business, for a number of reasons, and led the way. Their website opened a detailed window to many opportunities which provided me with enough information to approach Oscar with confidence.” Martin Berry, Brackley, Oscar


Mortgage Force

“As an accountant, I knew that I wanted to remain within Financial Services, and’s category listing helped me find franchises of interest very quickly in this area. I found working through the whichfranchise site very easy and clear and found the immediate link through to the various franchise opportunities of particular value. I was interested and impressed by Mortgage Force’s offering and as a result of that, and following a number of very helpful meetings with the Mortgage Force staff, I decided to invest my future with Mortgage Force Ltd.” Sunday Fatubarin, Mortgage Force, London


Safe Clean “I found to be a very useful website in helping me to decide if franchising was for me and in learning more about the opportunities available, including the franchise I chose – Safeclean. The Ask the Expert section was particularly useful in my research. I will continue to use for help when required.” Gordon McLeod, Safeclean, Edinburgh


logo "I first found out about AutoValetDirect through the whichfranchise website. The website was very easy to navigate around and proved to be very helpful in my research to becoming a franchisee." Andrew Griffiths, Cardiff, AutoValetDirect


logo "whichfranchise was my first port of call when i was researching franchising. The site was straight forward andeasy to navigate around, allowing me to find all the information quickly." Richard Rowe, Cheltenham, Autovaletdirect


logo“I think is fantastic for prospective franchisees looking to source information. You can find the answer to almost any question about franchising and also read case studies which gives an insight into what it's really like to be a franchisee. There is also great information about up and coming workshops. Everyone at is extremely friendly and helpful and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into franchising.”

Lisa Tobias, Dominos Pizza franchisee, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Clydebank & Glasgow


logo“Moving from the structured world of 'big business' to taking on a franchise is decision which cannot be made lightly. We knew about Barking Mad, but we knew very little about franchising and proved to be a treasure trove. The website is packed with information and guidelines and it helped us on two levels. Firstly, it got us thinking deeply about whether we should take the franchise route. Once that was decided, we then started to use the features in the website to put together a business plan, understand contracts and obligations, analyse business potential and risk in our chosen area. We used the website to get in touch with existing businesses and get their perspective on the ups and downs that they have experienced. We also regularly visited the website for information on exhibition and seminar timetables. It is always up to date. It is packed full of information and yet simple to navigate.”

“Our advice to any prospective franchisee is to explore and use the tools provided and, of course, have a passion or a belief in what you want to do.”

Chris and Alex Cowe, Barking Mad Perthshire and Clackmannanshire


Auto ValetDirect“whichfranchise helped me research franchising by being a very user friendly website that allows you to consider what franchise opportunities may suit you. Once you have found the type of business franchise you want to set up, you can look at all companies offering that service and compare costs, testimonials and exactly what services they offer.”

Richard Wagstaff, Auto ValetDirect, Hampshire