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Background in property maintenance led Lee to Metro Plumb


Lee Johnston, made a significant career shift by joining Metro Plumb and starting his own franchise in Cumbria and Dumfries. His decision to become his own boss and run a Metro Plumb franchise was influenced by a combination of personal and professional factors, including his background in property maintenance, desire for new challenges, and the support of his wife, Leila.

Lee had a rich background in property maintenance, having successfully run his own business in the field. His qualifications included a Bricklaying Foundation Construction Award and a Plastering Level 1 both with distinctions. Despite his success, Lee was eager to expand his skillset and explore new opportunities in the plumbing industry.

Lee’s journey with Metro Plumb began when he decided to pursue his Plumbing NVQ Level 2. He recognised that the plumbing industry offered vast potential, and by aligning himself with Metro Plumb, he could leverage the experience and support offered, and benefit from an already recognisable brand name with existing customer. With over 100 staff at its suppot centre franchisees have a host of skilled professionals they can call on for support. In house training, IT support, sales account managers and HR to name just a few.

Several key factors motivated Lee to make this pivotal career move:

Having worked within the group for another franchisee, Lee appreciated the dynamic nature of plumbing work, where no two days are the same. This variety added excitement and challenge to his daily routine, keeping him engaged and motivated.

Lee had experience running his own business, and he was drawn to the idea of being his own boss again. Starting a Metro Plumb franchise provided him with the opportunity to be in control of his destiny and business operations.

Lee brought years of experience in property maintenance and construction to his new venture. This experience allowed him to offer consistent, high-quality plumbing services to his customers.

His adaptability is a valuable asset in the ever-changing plumbing industry. He can handle various challenges and customer needs effectively.

Lee’s collaborative approach made him an excellent team player, working seamlessly with Metro Plumb’s support network and his wife, Leila, who played a major role in the decision-making. Leila has been vital in the success of their Metro Plumb franchise. Leila is responsible for managing quotes, handling customer calls, booking appointments, managing the diary, and implementing marketing strategies. Her support allowed Lee to focus on providing plumbing services and growing the business.

Looking to the Future

Lee Johnston’s decision to join Metro Plumb and start his own franchise in Cumbria and Dumfries was driven by a combination of personal qualities, professional experience, and the support of his wife, Leila. Metro Plumb franchisees receive a state-of-the-art in-house CRM system to manage work whilst on the road, to make quoting and invoicing easy. Our 24-hour call centre help Lee to manage his customers when he is unable to get to the phone. Our Health and Safety execs are at the end of the phone if he needs some advice and the lead generating website and national marketing campaigns provide a smooth route for Lee’s customers to find him.

Lee’s journey demonstrates the opportunities and rewards that come with entrepreneurship and aligning with a reputable franchise like Metro Plumb. With his skills, experience, and determination, Lee was well-prepared to thrive in the plumbing industry as his own boss and make a positive impact on his community.

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