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UK Franchise Opinion and News

Franchise Opinions highlights the latest opinions, news and trends in UK franchising. The authors, all experts in franchising, are happy to share their advice and views with you.

Total cost of opening a franchise

Article by Cathryn Hayes Revive! Auto Innovations

It is important that you do your planning and forecasting carefully and have fully researched the likely costs that will be applicable for your proposed franchise.  In this article, Cathryn Hayes, Franchise Director at Revive! Auto Innovations, talks to us about the different costs involved in starting a franchise.


A franchisee’s top tips for running a successful franchise

Article by Lee Eaton, Signs Express Signs Express

Lee Eaton, owner of Signs Express (Manchester) and the 2015 winner of the BFA (British Franchise Association) Franchisee of the Year award, shares the secret to running a successful franchise. To learn from one of the best in the industry ...


Finding a franchisor who shares your values

Article by David Spackman Newton Fallowell

The franchise industry continues to grow so, more than ever, it is essential to identify ethical franchises in the industry. Newton Fallowell's David Spackman provide 8 'top tips' for choose the best ethical franchise for you...


How to exhibit effectively for franchisee recruitment

Article by Sarah Carlile Coconut Creatives

Year on year, many franchisors attend the same exhibitions and every year they find that they’re just not getting the results they want. In a room full of other franchise brands competing for the attention and contact details of the same visitors, you must ensure that you are well prepared and ready to make an impression. Being noticed as a high-quality opportunity and making the most out of your initial contact with a prospect is key to exhibiting successfully! Here are Coconut Creatives top tips for exhibiting effectively for your franchisee recruitment.


How to recruit people who will drive your business growth

Article by Steve Wheeler Business Doctors

In a small business, people who are specialists in the company, but who have never recruited or even managed people before often handle hiring new staff. This can lead to mistakes that can have an impact on a business that is otherwise ripe for growth. Getting it right – recruiting people who fit the role, the team, and even exceed your expectations on the positive impact they have – is tricky, but not impossible.


Cash is King to avoid the dangers of overtrading

Article by Richard Holden Lloyds Bank

With rising economic optimism, some businesses may overreach themselves, and end up with serious cashflow problems. Running out of cash causes too many promising start-ups to fail, and the most tragic thing is that cashflow difficulties are often avoidable. In this article, Richard Holden, Lloyds Bank, looks at the dangers of overtrading and how to get it right.


First steps - right to work

Article by Lindsay Parkinson Avensure

Following on from their recent selection for interviewing article, Lindsay Parkinson Avensure, looks at the next step, covering in this article who has a right to work, job offer and contracts of employment.


The hidden costs of buying a franchise

Article by Richard Holden Lloyds Bank

It is understandable why so many people are looking at franchising as a route into self-employment. But do you know the true cost of starting a franchise? In this article, Richard Holden, Lloyds Bank, helps to identify what costs you need to know in order to get the true price of a franchise.


Franchising Step by Step

Article by Michael Johnson Card Connection

Whatever business you are in, planning and goal setting is important and none more so, than when you are buying a franchise. The step from employment to running your own business must be more than a leap of faith, it has to be a thought-out and well executed process to maximise the chances of success. In this article, Michael Johnson, Managing Director of Card Connection considers some of the basic points required for successful franchising.


Ten common financial mistakes made by Franchisees

Article by Chris Roberts Franchise Finance

The Consultants at Franchise Finance arrange funding and prepare business plans for prospective and existing franchisees on a daily basis. They also undertake Business Healthchecks for existing franchisees. As a result of these activities Chris Roberts QFP, Director of their Business Training Academy has drawn up a list of the Ten most common financial mistakes made by franchisees.


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