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The Fruit and Veg Man Franchise Ireland

The Fruit and Veg Man delivers quality fresh fruit, vegetable and salad boxes to residential and corporate customers. Pitches are also hired at local markets.
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Franchise Info

fruit and veg man franchise

The Fruit and Veg Man is a local “online” and “in-person” fruit and vegetable grocers.

Quality fresh fruit, vegetable and salad boxes are delivered to residential and corporate customers. Some customers and businesses order regular “subscription style” boxes on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, whereas others order on a more ad-hoc basis.

Pitches / market stalls are also hired at local markets to service customers that don’t have the need for a whole box and want to come down for a few items and a chat. This local presence helps build the brand in that area.

We are a local business, helping a local charity that also helps the local community eat healthy. It’s that simple!

The Fruit and Veg Man are seeking franchisees across Ireland to expand their operation.

"We decided to franchise in 2023 when we could see the incredible success of our pilot franchisee in numbers. Our pilot franchisee had previously worked in a corporate environment, so to see him succeed in this financially and earn more than he did in his corporate role made me realise that this was a great business to franchise. We were also inundated with requests to provide fruit and vegetables to many customers nationwide, so we knew demand for our brand and services was there. We also secured a number of multi-million pound commercial contracts which means any franchisee joining us would have a great chance of starting with big, corporate clients from the start of their franchise."

"We now have 4 franchisees, all who have made their franchise fee of €13,000 back within the first 3 months and are thriving. We have also taken on the view that we will only take on 2 franchisees every year so I can work closely with our franchisees to ensure that they meet their financial and customer goals as soon as possible," Sanjay Roy, Founder of The Fruit and Veg Man.

fruit and veg man franchise

The franchise opportunity

Your role as a franchisee will be to run the day-to-day operations and increase your business by following the systems and processes we have developed, maintain the high standards we have set and maximise the opportunity from your territory.

We will help

  • get your business set up with all the required equipment, fixtures, furniture and technology.
  • train you in our systems and processes and provide on-going support to help you build a successful operation. 
  • with your sales and marketing to find new residential and corporate customers
  • connect you with our suppliers for the quality ingredients and packaging required to sell to your customers.

We have four areas of revenue:

  • Supplying fruit and vegetables to business customers
  • Supplying fruit to offices
  • Supplying boxes of fruit and vegetables to the public
  • Offering fruit and vegetables at market stalls.

“Becoming a franchisee with The Fruit and Veg Man has been great. Everything I’ve needed to make a success of my own business has been there and I have felt supported at all times.

This has allowed me to tailor my business around my life. The level of professionalism and service that sits behind the brand is second to none and it’s nice to work hard, see the rewards, and feel pride in what we’re doing.”

Andrew has been a franchisee since 2020 covering the Buckinghamshire area.  At 47 years old, Andrew was in various business development and consultancy roles, mostly in the health sector prior to joining as a franchisee.

fruit and veg man franchise

Why invest in The Fruit and Veg Man franchise? 

  • We have multi-million pound national contracts that will help you get your franchise off with a bang
  • Part of a small network of franchisees who all support each other
  • Part of a brand that has won multiple awards including from Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den
  • We only pick franchisees that align with our values of excellent customer service. We have turned away hundreds of applications, which means our franchise network only have franchisees that are the best!
  • We believe the hand on help you get to make your business a huge success is second to none
  • Our track record – Every single franchisee that has joined us has made money from day one and all our franchisees have made their franchise fee back within 3 months of joining
  • We give back to the local community and have raised thousands of pounds for local causes
  • You have ability to tailor your business in line with your life
  • It’s insanely fun! This franchise is above all, a lot of FUN and you get to meet some of the most amazing people and they in turn become people you will know for life!

What makes us different?

  • One of the main purposes of The Fruit and Veg Man business is to raise vital funds for charities. 10% of the net profits are donated and in August 2022 a cheque for our first £1,000 was handed to the Keech Children’s Hospice in Luton.
  • The fresh product boxes try to be as plastic-free as possible and are picked from storage and then delivered the same day.
  • Technology is used on the market stall to add up customer orders and allow clever tracking of what is sold.
  • There is very little wastage, as any products not sold at the markets at the weekend, are added into the boxes (as freebies) for residential and corporate customers, that generally receive their deliveries on Monday or Tuesday. We also have a clever system where we share products between franchisees so you will always have what you need.
  • Quality and price – we only provide quality products (that last) and offer fantastic, reasonable prices to our customers.
  • We are now in high demand by many local markets as well as securing a number of major contracts to service B2B.

fruit and veg man franchise

What we look for in a franchisee

Are you able to:

  • Make people smile and keep them happy
  • Take no short-cuts
  • Work with systems
  • Listen to advice and instructions
  • Self-motivate and manage yourself
  • Be cool under pressure
  • Prioritise

And are you:

  • Passionate about what you are doing
  • Committed to delivering high standards of quality and service
  • A team player
  • Willing to raise money for charity
  • Happy working outside and driving around

And do you possess:

  • Strong social and communication skills
  • Commercial skills / understand the importance of numbers in business
  • Attention to detail
  • A driving licence

fruit and veg man franchise

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