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Heavenly Desserts Franchise Ireland

Heavenly Desserts is the fastest-growing Dessert Franchise company in the UK. 4 store concepts available. Looking for partners with the appetite for multiple units across Ireland.
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Franchise Info

heavenly desserts franchise store

Heavenly Desserts is the fastest-growing Dessert Franchise company in the UK, and is seeking to expand into Ireland. Built on the vision of two friends who decided to develop an exceptional approach to the way desserts were enjoyed. Founded in 2008, it would be the dawn of a new era in the world of premium desserts.

In the space of only a few years, the brand had experienced a meteoric rise in popularity as word of its delicious creations quickly spread throughout the UK. The contemporary interiors and quality desserts are what sets Heavenly Desserts apart.

Our goal? It’s simple: become the No1 franchise of choice within the dessert franchising industry globally.

In the past 5 years we have opened 50 stores with 100% success rate (zero closures).  By the end of 2023, we aim to have 70 stores across 3 continents.

Most people only dream of owning their own business, with its unique franchise opportunity, Heavenly Desserts can make it a reality…

Key facts

  • 15 years’ experience
  • 50 + successful stores across UK & Canada
  • Market leader
  • 2-3 years ROI
  • Average weekly sales £16,000. high performing stores £20,000-£40,000
  • Food cost 27.5%, labour cost 27%
  • Average transaction spend £23
  • Low energy cost model (no usage of gas)
  • Highly experienced operational team
  • Diverse revenue streams – retail, take-away, home delivery, dine-in and pods for events
  • Successful loyalty app helps with customer retention
  • Extremely active social media channels – Instagram 48.8K, Facebook 28.6K, TikTok 89K, Likes 4.6 mil+ and comments 50K (as of march 2023).

heavenly desserts franchise store

Ideal franchisee

Heavenly Desserts is looking for new franchise partners who have the appetite for multiple units.  This could be either an existing food and beverage franchisee or someone looking to diversify their business portfolio or a new franchisee with great food and beverage experience looking to create their own business with a trusted brand.

Store types

Our stores are suitable to the following locations: City & Town Centre / Shopping Centres / Student Locations / Transport Hubs / Affluent Suburbs. 

We offer the following different models:


  • Typical Locations: Shopping Malls, Concessions, Airports, Travel Terminal, Cinema and Leisure Outlets, Events.
  • Size: From 250 to 500 sq. ft.
  • From £99,000

Neighbourhood store

  • Typical Locations: Residential Areas and Small Towns/Cities
  • Size: From 800 to 1200 sq. ft.
  • From £199,000


  • Typical Locations: Primary or Secondary Locality, with Convenient Parking Preferable, Good Passing Foot and Vehicular Traffic and Accessibility in the Evening.
  • Size: From 1200 sq. ft. to 1600 sq. ft.
  • From £250,000 - £269,000


  • Typical Locations: Primary or Secondary Locality, with Convenient Parking Preferable, Good Passing Foot and Vehicular Traffic and Accessibility in the Evening.
  • Size: From 1600 sq. ft. to 2200 sq. ft.
  • £289,000- £315,000

heavenly desserts franchise store

How we train and support you

Our new store training programme for franchisees (2 weeks) includes:

  • Kitchen and product production training
  • Customer service training
  • Equipment usage training
  • 1 week prior to opening for set up and training of wider team
  • 1 week after opening for full operational support
  • Interviews & recruitment days
  • Supplier account setup
  • Installation management & site setup
  • Labour management & rotas
  • Launch time line
  • On boarding & induction
  • Menu knowledge
  • EPOS training
  • Customer journey
  • Service standards
  • Heads-on practice
  • Feedback & review

Ongoing support:

  • EPOS system & stock management - Helps you maintain profitability
  • Labour & staff management suite - manager labour cost and people administration
  • E-learning suite for essential safety training
  • Due diligence app that keeps records in one place
  • Mystery Shopper - Regular unannounced visits to identify service opportunities
  • SOA - internal auditing completed by HD to keep you EHO ready
  • Business Review Meetings – Regular Business Review Meetings to assess performance and advise on improvements
  • Marketing – digital marketing support, POS marketing support, Collateral, campaign delivery and analysis and reporting, social & digital media support.
  • Heavenly Desserts Hub - houses everything our franchisees and teams need to keep up to speed with what’s going on at Heavenly Desserts including latest news, documents, training resources, polls and request forms, printing service and training videos.

Target areas

  • Americas: North & South America
  • MENA region: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco
  • Europe: Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy
  • Asia & Far East: India, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and China

heavenly desserts franchise store

heavenly desserts franchise store

heavenly desserts franchise store

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