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whichfranchise Franchising your business

whichfranchise has been helping prospective franchisees and franchisors for over 20 years; working alongside some of the UK's leading experts in turning businesses into franchises. These experts (affiliate to the British Franchise Association) are on-hand to answer any questions you may have. They are also happy to have a non-obligatory chat with you to identify if your business is franchiseable and if so, the process going forward. Ask about franchising your business Ask about franchising your business

Can YOUR business be franchised?

By Ashtons Consultants

In principal, more or less every business, whether it is service, business to consumer, business to business, technical, professional or hospitality led can be franchised. But should you look to franchise your business? Read more

How to franchise a business

By The Franchising Centre

Successful franchising starts with a clear vision from the owner of a proven and profitable business for where they want it to be. Franchising is a means to an end; it is not an end in itself. Not every business is suitable for franchising, not even if several other similar businesses are being franchised, and there is no "right way" to franchise a business. There may however be a "right way" for your business but please be aware that you cannot save a failing business by franchising it. Franchising is about duplicating success. Read more about how to franchise your business...

10 reasons to join the bfa

Joining the bfa should be a key part of any ethical franchisor's growth and development strategy. Of course, we would say that wouldn't we? But such a statement isn't rhetoric or a sales strategy (we're a non-profit) - it's based on the evidence of the advantages that membership brings. Read more about bfa membership

Attend a prospective franchisor seminar

If you are considering using the franchise business model to expand and grow your business, there are a number of franchise your business seminars taking place throughout the UK. These seminars are run by various organisations including the British Franchise Association and bfa-accredited consultants. Click here to find out what seminars are taking place when and where

Franchisor interviews

Who better to tell you about franchising their business, then those who have already done it! Some of the UK's leading successful franchisors give us an insight into their franchising journey.

Franchising helps to minimise the risks and pitfalls

In this exclusive interview with whichfranchise, Karl Sandall, CEO of The TaxAssist Group, shares his experience of franchising, why TaxAssist went down the franchise route, and why franchising minimises the risks in comparison to business start-ups. As an award-winning franchise and leader in its field, this interview gives you a unique insight into this industry. To get the inside scoop.

Read more
Read more franchisor interviews

Ask about franchising your business

Nick Williams - Ashtons Franchise

Nick Williams is an experienced national and international franchise development consultant who has worked in the UK franchise industry for over 15 years. Nick and his team of franchise specialists at Ashtons have assisted hundreds of business to expand and grow through franchising since the inception of the business in 1981. We have worked with companies of all sizes from all sectors.

Click here to ask Nick a question

Suzie McCafferty, Platinum Wave

Suzie McCafferty is an Affiliate member of the British Franchise Association, a Franchisor and Franchisee of the Year Awards Judge and Chairperson for the Scottish Franchise Forum. With almost 20 years first-hand international franchising experience, Suzie is a well-known personality in the franchising world.

Click here to ask Suzie a question

Brian Duckett, The Franchising Centre

Brian is a recognised leader in the UK and International franchise industry. He writes regularly for the UK franchising and business media, and has published a book "How to Turn Your Business into The Next Global Brand - Creating and Managing a Franchised Network". He has also presented at many seminars and workshops. Brian and his team have always prided themselves on being practitioners rather than theorists and are dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives. Click here to ask Brian a question

Richard Holden, Lloyds Bank

Richard Holden is Head of Franchising for Lloyds Bank. He has 32 years banking experience and has supported a wide range of businesses in the small business sector for many years. Richard has helped many businesses who have chosen to go down the franchise route with the funding requirements. Richard would be delighted to answer any questions you have relating to funding required to franchise your business.

Click here to ask Richard a question

Emily Price QFP, BFA

Emily Price QFP is the Operations Manager at the British Franchise Association (bfa) and is responsible for the strategic development of both membership recruitment and member services. During the past 3 years Emily has worked with numerous franchisors, ranging from start-ups to established International brands to understand their business models, support the accreditation of these and identify opportunities for development. Emily would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the British Franchise Association and becoming a member.

Click here to ask Emily a question

Charlie Pattihis - Healys

Charlie has extensive experience in advising, negotiating and the preparation of franchise agreements, preparing area development agreements, managing the franchise re-sale process (on behalf of either a franchisor or incoming/outgoing franchisee) and offering general advice on franchising.

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