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The Franchising Centre

The Franchising Centre has been advising prospective franchisors for over 25 years. We aren’t just here to get you up and running – we can help in the long term with recruitment, marketing, training, management software, updating manuals and international recruitment.
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You want to grow your business and you think that franchising might be the best strategy to achieve it. Where do you start, how do you find out about franchising? Can you get all of the questions you have about franchising answered before you commit to this big decision?

Yes you can. The Franchising Centre has been advising people in your position for over twenty years. The first step is to help you thoroughly assess whether franchising is right for you. If it is, then we will guide you through the process of successful franchising.

Our services include support in every area you need, but in short, this means we can guide you through every stage from the initial franchise development process, right through to recruiting your franchisees for you and helping you grow a successful, profitable franchise network. Our support is tailored to your individual needs and we work to your budget, resources and time scales.

We aren’t just here to get you up and running – we are your partners for life. Our specialist divisions will recruit your franchising staff when required, train your team, provide franchise management software, keep your franchise operations manual current and even guide you into international markets when the time is right.

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