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Are you considering selling your franchise?
If so, have you asked yourself the following questions..?

  • How much is my business worth?
  • Where should I try to sell my franchise?
  • What information does a suitable buyer need?
  • How will I know if the buyer is serious or a time waster?
  • How much will selling my business cost me?
  • How long does it take?

Welcome to Chantry Group a team of franchise professionals whose Resales Division supports the whole process of selling a franchise business.

Ian Bradley

Senior Commercial Manager & Senior Franchise Growth Specialist

Established in 2007, the team have approaching 150 years combined UK franchise industry experience and are annually accredited at the highest level by the bfa (British Franchise Association) as professional advisors to the industry. Led by Managing Director Chris Cook, Chartered Marketer and bfa QFP trainer & supported by Ian Bradley QFP, Senior Commercial Manager & the rest of the team.

Ian Bradley

Ian’s seen it all in 30 years in the sector. He franchised and won multiple franchise specific awards and sold his own business. He helped grow Riverford from its early days towards the much-loved brand it is now. And he took a brand-new window cleaning franchise nationwide, and the Emerging Franchisor of the Year crown. He’s even sat on the bfa’s board & was the bfa Chairman for the Southwest. Ian has managed and brokered many different franchise resales, with multiple brands & has an unrivalled knowledge in this area.

There’s a booming market for franchise resales: the British Franchise Association reports that almost 40% of new franchisees annually take over an existing franchise rather than starting from scratch.

That’s good news for anyone looking to sell… but selling a franchise can also be a distraction, for both the existing owner and for the franchisor behind them.

There’s a lot to do to prepare a business for a successful and satisfying sale, and most franchisees have no experience of selling a business – and a lot of questions.

If the process seems daunting, don’t worry: using a specialist franchise resale service gives you answers to your questions, and more that you haven’t even thought about yet!

Experienced professionals understand the right marketing channels for your business, the right messages to generate enquiries, and how to negotiate with interested parties on your behalf.

Most importantly, they know that what you want most is to be kept informed. Any franchise broker worth engaging is friendly, understanding, and excellent at communicating with you.

Your Team

How we support your franchise sale

A little up-front effort goes a long way in securing the right outcome for everyone: vendor, buyer and franchisor. Our Franchise Business Broker service gives you two options:

  • A valuation of your business now, and advice on increasing its value if you’re looking to sell in the future rather than right now
  • End-to-end support every step of the way from valuation to marketing to sale, with regular communication throughout the process

Franchise Resale Valuations

Valuing a franchise for resale can be an emotive and sometimes contentious process. Valuations have historically been conducted by accountants not typically experienced in franchising, or by taking a guesstimate. There are three obvious potential problems:

  • Is the business being undervalued, leaving money on the table
  • Is the business being overvalued, putting people off enquiring at all
  • Will lenders agree to underwrite a proposal if affordability is questionable – leading to rejected applications and wasted time for everyone

We have a unique ability to consider the ‘franchise factor’ when valuing your business – a proper, professional valuation from franchising and financial experts:

  • Gives you confidence about what is or is not achievable when selling your business
  • Means they understand the wider benefits of being part of a franchise network and that these are taken into account in your valuation

Option 1 – Detailed Valuation

We analyse a significant amount of additional data to deliver a comprehensive report which includes our assessment of the potential impact of any external factors we can identify. We undertake a visit to the premises to carry out further assessments on the operations, systems and structures enabling us to produce a SWOT analysis which is incorporated into the report.

Option 2 – Detailed Valuation + VIP

In addition to the Detailed Valuation Report we provide a Value Improvement Plan which is designed to add value to the business or, at the very least, increase its attractiveness to a prospective buyer. The plan highlights efficiencies that could be achieved and/or could increase the appeal to potential purchasers. The VIP also includes any weaknesses/vulnerabilities in the operation, systems and structure that could compromise the value and highlights specific actions the business owner can take.

Contact Chantry to start your franchise valuation:

Contact Ian at Chantry Group to start your business valuation journey

Franchise Resales Advice Hub

Money bag and bundles of notes
Preparing your franchise for sale

So, you've decided, for whatever reason, you'd like to sell your business. Prior to sticking up the ‘for sale’ sign, there are lots of things you can put in place to ensure the sale goes through smoothly.

The famous saying ‘if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ could not be more relevant here. Proper preparation will affect the achievable sales price and the ease at which a potential buyer will be able to raise the necessary capital.


resale store
Advantages of buying a franchise resale

Purchasing a resale franchise can have some great advantages over starting a new business from scratch, but there are also some pitfalls to avoid. Resale franchise units may consist of successful operations that are making money as well as units that are either losing money or barely making ends meet.

life line being thrown
Why an under-performing franchise resale shouldn't be written off?

When looking to buy an existing franchise, there are two types of businesses for sale - those businesses which are successful and those which are underperforming. However, whilst a performing franchise will bring with it many benefits, and probably a hefty selling price, you shouldn't be quick to rule out a franchise that isn't successful or losing money


people shaking hands
How to evaluate a franchise resale

Purchasing a franchise resale can have some great advantages over starting a new business from scratch, but there are also some pitfalls to avoid. You need to carefully evaluate why it is for sale, the business performance, local market, resale costings as well as evaluating yourself.


man looking at signpost
Exit options: planning for the future of your Franchise. By BDO

It’s sensible for franchisees to plan for exiting the business at a time that suits their personal or commercial goals. However, many franchise owners and operators fail to fully consider the range of options available or engage early enough with their advisors. So, what are the options for exiting your franchise business?

Read more

people in discussion
Ask The Experts

Franchising can be a very complex area and to make sure you find the right franchise for you, or set up your own franchise correctly, is it imperative that you do as much research as possible. This includes seeking professional help and advice. Our Ask the Expert section allows you to post questions regarding funding a franchise, legal issues, accountancy, consultancy and general franchise advice.

Post your questions to our panel of experts

Latest Resales Information

Buying a Resale

We are pleased to announce the completion of another internal resale that sees Centre Manager, Peter Tubb take ownership of the Signs Express (Slough) franchise. Peter has been with Signs Express (Slough) since 2020, working alongside the previous franchisee’s family, before taking on the day-to-day responsibilities a year later, operating the centre and maintaining its strong brand presence and reputation in the territory.

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Buying a Resale
Barking Mad is dream job for Barbara and Caroline

Barbara Frater and Caroline Bradshaw have recently made the change from senior teaching roles to their “dream job” as a Barking Mad franchisee. They bought an established Barking Mad franchise in Alnwick and haven’t looked back.

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Selling a Resale

Newly for sale and successfully operating for 28 years under the current ownership of Nick and Marion Baxter-Sibley, Signs Express (Exeter) presents a solid business opportunity for a new business owner with EBITDA and turnover in an upward trajectory. Set in a beautiful part of the world, this centre presents a fantastic business development opportunity with room for territory expansion, an experienced team, extensive customer database and the opportunity to see a return from day one.

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Selling a Resale
Established Resale Opportunity, Signs Express (Huddersfield): All You Need to Know

Trading for over 15 years, Signs Express (Huddersfield) presents a new owner with an established, well-respected business, with a loyal customer base, thriving territory and an impressive client portfolio, with the opportunity to achieve £400k+ turnover in the next 24-month period. We caught up with current centre owner Martin Davis about the benefits of buying a resale business and what you can expect from your investment.

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