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Last Updated: 07-March-2012

Business Doctors franchise opens for Nottingham business

Successful businessman Mike Gulliford has launched a Business Doctors office to help Nottingham businesses to grow.

With regionally-focused, individual operations, Business Doctors provides expert, friendly, practical support and advice to small and medium-sized businesses, from strategies for sales and profit growth to people engagement and help with accessing funding and financial support.

Heading-up the Nottingham office, Mike Gulliford has 40 years’ business experience including senior consulting and company turnaround, having himself grown and sold a number of businesses.

Mike says: “Business Doctors provides proven recipes for success and I am looking forward to bringing that to companies in the local area. I am very passionate about helping the local economy to grow and firmly believe that helping small and medium sized companies implement change by putting in place firm strategies and offering practical, down-to-earth, common sense advice, from a position of experience, is the way to get the local economy back to where it should be.”

Photo: Business Doctor Mike Gulliford

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