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Date Updated: 24-October-2017

TruGreen UK Franchise

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TruGreen is one of the UK’s largest lawn care franchise businesses.

British Franchise AssociationFranchisees are responsible for delivering first-class bespoke lawn care treatments to their customers. A TruGreen franchise starts off as a one “man in a van” operation but there is no upper limit to what you can achieve. Once your business is doing well, we will encourage you to take on another person/vehicle in order to build your business to its full potential. No previous experience of lawn care is required as full training and on-going support is provided by our dedicated support team.

TruGreen is a Full member of the British Franchise Association.

How much does a TruGreen franchise cost?

The minimum personal investment is £8,400 (30% of the total cost).

*As a bfa registered franchise, banks may lend 50-70% of the cost depending upon your financial history.

TruGreen franchise business opportunity gardening lawncare groundman lucrative profitable money management mobile van based

Looking to start your own business and love the outdoors?
Have the best of both worlds with TruGreen Professional Lawncare

Whether you have no previous experience in the lawncare industry or have worked as a Groundsman before, TruGreen is the perfect franchise opportunity for those who have the ambition and enthusiasm to launch, build and manage their own thriving business.

TruGreen franchise business award finalistSome of our best performing franchises show us that you don’t have to have previous lawn care experience to be successful. We have, however, listed a handful of qualities we feel are important when it comes to running a TruGreen franchise.

      • Self-motivated
      • Determined
      • Good Communication
      • Fit and healthy
      • Enthusiastic
      • Love of outdoors
      • Prepared to work flexible hours
      • Ambitious

TruGreen are currently looking for individuals to become part of the family. If you have a passion for the outdoors and the enthusiasm for business, we would like to hear from you!

If this sounds like you, why not immediately download our FREE and non-obligatory franchise prospectus here. 

TruGreen franchise business opportunity gardening lawncare groundman lucrative profitable money management mobile van based

A lucrative market

With nearly 90% of the UK’s 27 million homes boasting gardens, the potential for TruGreen franchisees in the residential lawncare sector is immense; success can also expand further into the commercial market.

Franchise owners capitalise on this lucrative and growing marketing thanks to our long-standing experience and expertise within the field. Additionally, TruGreen franchisees offer bespoke lawn care treatments and additional services throughout the year to both residential and commercial clients.

If a TruGreen franchisee services just 4% of the homes within their bespoke territory, they would have a profitable business.

TruGreen franchise business opportunity gardening lawncare groundman lucrative profitable money management mobile van based

How much does a TruGreen franchise cost?

The minimum personal investment  £8,400 + VAT (30%) of the minimum total investment*.

*TruGreen is able to offer advice on financing your franchise investment. We’ll happily help and guide you with your business plan to make your journey to franchise ownership as smooth and as easy as possible. You will need to find 30% of the total cost; the 70% may be financed by one of the major high street banks (subject to status).

This includes the Franchise License which allows franchise owners to trade under the TruGreen brand name and covers initial training and certifications by the National Proficiency Council, NPCT, and covers the marketing of your business launch and the purchasing of tools, supplies, equipment, products, stationery, bespoke software, vehicle branding and marketing material you will need to get going. All you will need is a computer and van of your own.

How we train and support you

At TruGreen we want our franchisees to succeed and, as such, we offer them the best training and on-going support possible from our unique support team.

TruGreen franchise business opportunity gardening lawncare groundman lucrative profitable money management mobile van basedAdditionally, you have access to all other franchise owners in your network who can guide and support you along your franchise journey. Like most families, we believe in supporting each other and encouraging each other through the thick and thin.

We also provide a two-week training course, modules covered include:

      • Lawn care
      • Marketing
      • Sales
      • Customer service
      • Accounting
      • Health and safety

You will also become qualified in pesticide application from the National Proficiency Council (NPCT).

Our training programme doesn’t end there as additional training, support and business advice is available whenever required. With regular seminars, refresher courses, as well as one to one training during site visits, you will never be on your own.

TruGreen franchise owners benefit from routine visits, phone advice and technical updates are readily available from your TruGreen Network Manager who has 30 years’ experience in the turf industry.

Get fuller details of our franchise offering when you download our free and non-obligatory franchise prospectus here. 

TruGreen franchise business opportunity gardening lawncare groundman lucrative profitable money management mobile van based

Are we right for each other?

Like any relationship, it is important that we are a good match. We are looking for individuals who love the outdoors or have an interest in horticulture.

Those who are looking for a new career and are interested in escaping the rat race would benefit from the TruGreen business model.  Attending one of our Open Days allows you to learn more in a relaxed setting.

As no previous experience is needed, thanks to the in-depth training and support on offer, you can apply for information no matter what background you have. Our experience and expertise will sow the seeds to your future success.

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