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Date Updated: 26-June-2017

Courier and delivery franchises

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diamond logistics

Looking for a white collar opportunity in one of the UK's fastest growing industries?
Then a diamond logistics courier and fulfilment franchise could be right for you. Named as one of the Virgin Fast-Track 100 companies in 2016, diamond logistics provides a full-service profile in same-day, overnight and international to SMEs, blue-chip corporations, local government, and healthcare providers.

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    diamond logistics franchisees manage a ‘same day’ courier and fulfilment service to SMEs, blue-chip corporations, local government, and healthcare providers.

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    Driver Hire franchisees source and recruit both drivers and logistics staff for clients, from SMEs to multi-national companies.

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    Husse franchisees work from home and build relationships with clients who repeatedly buy our high-quality, nutritional pet food and have it delivered to their door.

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    InXpress franchisees can work from home or a small office to provide clients with a top-quality parcel delivery and transportation service.

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    Mail Boxes Etc. franchisees provide communication and postal services to both B2B and B2C audiences within a shop environment.

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    Oast House Farm Snacks franchisees work from home and deliver snack boxes to places of business within a set territory.

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    PACK & SEND franchisees manage a store which provides businesses and domestic clients with bespoke packing and freight solutions.

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    Speedy Freight franchisees manage same-day courier and express-freight services regardless of vehicle size or urgency and value of goods.

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    World Options franchisees offer their portfolio of clients a first class, highly competitive parcel delivery and courier service.

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Existing Courier and delivery franchises for sale

About Courier and delivery franchises

There has never been a better time to own a courier / delivery franchise. Advancements in technology has meant that more and more of us are working with international clients or partners, and so have a requirement for delivery and courier services both nationally and internationally.

The UK and express delivery franchises are part of a multi-billion £ industry which has seen increased revenue over the last 10 years and is set to continue.

There are many different types of courier/delivery franchises to choose from, from same-day delivery, B2B collection and delivery, courier service, freight delivery and bespoke B2C postal services. Many UK delivery/courier opportunities are suited to executive/professionals and can be developed into a management franchise. 

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