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InXpress Women Slaying Their Business Goals: #InspiringInclusion


In InXpress’ 25 year history, there’s never been a sole female franchise owner… until now. And now, we have two! Rajee Pattni, InXpress Leicester and Jess Vant, InXpress London, have been sharing their journey into franchising, explaining how they’re breaking the gender stereotypes to build their own empires.

Rajee was looking for an exciting new challenge when she decided to join InXpress, a company she knew about because her brother’s business is a customer, and she’d seen how he was treated well. “Joining InXpress was something for myself to achieve; an opportunity to contribute to my family’s printing business, whilst building my own business."

Jess Vant knew about InXpress because her parents own InXpress Cambridge, with her brother and sister being involved in it. “Logistics is not my area of expertise. Because I had no industry background, I wasn’t sure if I’d be the ‘right fit’ for InXpress” However, Jess quickly found her place.

Challenges of being a woman at InXpress…

Rajee explains how being a woman in a male-dominated industry, adds an interesting dynamic to her working day. As a woman, there’s often a need to ‘prove yourself’, pushing yourself harder to break down barriers. By encouraging more women to join the franchise, Rajee believes gender and cultural barriers, which subconsciously exist within the industry, can be broken. She’s experienced nothing but support and encouragement from her fellow InXpress franchisees, who she knows would love to see more diversity amongst themselves.

How do we inspire inclusion?

Our number one promise to ANY new franchisee joining us, is that you will be looked after! Despite the challenges Jess and Rajee have faced as they started their businesses, InXpress has become their encouraging family network to help kick-start the franchise process. Jess says, “Even right up to the top level at head office, everybody is genuinely supportive. I have the whole network behind me, ready to help me.”

Here at InXpress we embrace each other’s differences because that is how we create fresh, new, innovative ideas to provide an excellent customer experience. Rajee agrees, "The support from InXpress is phenomenal. The structured training, ongoing support, and connecting with a community of my franchise peers, who embrace diversity, has made a significant difference as I’ve stepped into this new challenge.”

Share your defining moment…

When reflecting on life, there will be moments when someone inspired us to take a leap of faith into a new direction; to believe in ourselves. Both Jess and Rajee have women in their worlds who inspire them to achieve great things.

As Jess says, “Although I’m the first woman to buy a franchise independently, there are several inspirational women already in the network who are directors with their partners. They’re extremely vocal, and powerful, and have shared their knowledge and experiences of running an InXpress business with me. Being able to collaborate with others is powerful.”

Rajee is proud of the person she’s becoming, "My mum inspired me to achieve more, as a woman in business herself, when other women stayed at home. So, my journey with InXpress is not just about proving logistics is not just a man's world; it's about inspiring women to step out of their comfort zones and be your own boss!"

What about you?

When you plan your next career move, do you focus on your achievements and goals you want to accomplish?

If you’re an ambitious, headstrong woman, looking to take control of your career and your future, join InXpress today! As Rajee concludes, “If you want to carve out a long-term career change with uncapped potential, InXpress is a great, proven-to-work business model. So, why not take the time to build a comfortable future for yourself! Challenges are what makes running an InXpress franchise exciting – and there is always a solution!”

Contact us, today to plan your next career move!

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