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Helen Doron Education joins the British Franchise Association


With 1,200 learning centres worldwide, Helen Doron Education is proud to announce its accreditation as a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA). Established in 1985, the global education franchise has made significant progress in its expansion into the UK. This most recent recognition highlights both the brand’s international achievements and its ambitious plans to replicate its worldwide success within the UK market.

“Receiving BFA accreditation is an honour for Helen Doron Education,” commented Helen Doron, the brand’s namesake founder and CEO. “This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in educational franchising. It sets a benchmark that aligns with our core values of innovation, quality education, and empowering young minds globally. We are proud to now stand amongst the UK’s most well-regarded franchisors.”

BFA’s membership is awarded to franchises that showcase a commitment to building a sustainable, credible, and ethical franchise network. The BFA accredits franchisors against a strict set of criteria before offering membership – including an evaluation of the business model's viability, the level of support and training provided to franchisees, financial transparency, and adherence to ethical franchising practices. This assessment ensures that only those franchisors who demonstrate a genuine commitment to fostering positive franchisee relationships, promoting sustainable business growth and maintaining high standards of conduct can join the BFA.

Having taught over three million students across 1,200 franchised learning centres and academies in 40 countries over the past four decades, Helen Doron Education is now poised to expand its reach within the UK. Specialising in various educational programmes such as language learning, mathematics and early years education, the brand aims to create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment where children can thrive.

Helen Doron’s flagship centre is set to open in London towards the end of 2024. Helen herself reflects on the significance of this milestone: “I was born and raised in London, so it holds a special place in my heart. I am proud to bring our innovative programmes back to where it all began for me. 2024 marks the start of our journey to enrich the UK education landscape and make a lasting impact on students up and down the country. With the support and recognition from the BFA, we are now on the hunt for passionate franchisees who are committed to making a difference in education.”

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the BFA said: “We are really pleased that such a large international brand has made a commitment to join the association, to support its expansion plans in the UK market, and we very much look forward to seeing their future growth and success.”

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