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The changing of the guard - Caremark under new joint leadership


Home care franchisor, Caremark is pleased to officially announce the appointment of David Glover and Lisa Fyfe as joint CEO.

Following the untimely death of the brand’s founder and former CEO Kevin Lewis, the award-winning care franchisor is now headed up by two of his team, both skilled business professionals.

David Glover, former Managing Director and Lisa Fyfe, formerly the Finance Director have been on Caremark’s senior management team for a number of years. Their joint input over time has contributed to the ongoing strength and success of the brand, maintaining its position as one of the top five care franchisors.

Reflecting on his new role, David Glover said: “Caremark was started and grown by Kevin Lewis and founded on his values, values which we still maintain and continue to attract great franchisees into our network.

“However, we are at a pivotal point of development now and whilst we wish to uphold Kevin’s values in the business, we don’t want to stand still.

“Lisa and I are keen to take the brand forwards and adopt a position of strength in the marketplace. We want to be known for affordable, high quality home care that is available to the man on the street, in fact, to everyone.

“It’s important that the brand continues to represent the modern face of care at home and is not thought of as only being available to those who can afford it”.

David explains: “We do this by selecting only the best business professionals who understand and buy into Caremark’s values and ethos.  We make sure that the important combination of passion for excellent care along with the drive and ability to create a great business in the local community is clearly there in candidates we consider for the network.

“Once again we are strengthening our amazing field and head office support team with new appointments which we feel will only benefit our franchisees yet further.

“Plus, we have exciting plans on the table to partner with an international world-class home care consultant who will be working with us to radically change our carer recruitment strategy and look at the issues with a fresh pair of eyes.

“He has already achieved extraordinary results in the USA, so we are really delighted that he will be working exclusively with Caremark to address the ongoing challenges of staffing and retention” he concluded.

Caremark has come a long way since its early beginnings in 2005. From a single office in a small Sussex town, it has grown into a recognised UK brand with an award-winning network of franchisees, as well as offices in India, Malta and southern Ireland, and a support team second to none.

It’s fair to say that under this new and exciting leadership, Caremark is set to rise still further and will continue to offer the very best in home care, as well as a fantastic franchise opportunity to the right individuals.

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