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Body Fit Training (BFT) Franchise Ireland

BFT is a fitness franchise that offers personal training in a group setting; we use advanced group training methodology. Since franchising in 2018, we have over 500+ franchises globally. BFT are seeking Irish franchise partners to expand their operation in the country.
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Franchise Info

bft franchise

BFT is Australia’s hottest, most advanced group training methodology - and it’s now hitting Ireland.

We’ve incorporated scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50 minute sessions that are overseen by accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment.

High levels of visual content showcasing our programs and shown on multiple digital displays throughout the studio, allows our coaches to spend more time on our members and building unrivalled communities.

We are now looking for partners to help develop the BFT brand across the Ireland.

“As fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs we were keen to build a business that brings a fresh new approach to our local community when it comes to keeping fit.

We first discovered the boutique fitness model in North America and when we came across BFT we knew we had found something special.

The innovative programming and the robust franchise business model ticked all the right boxes and the journey so far has been incredible.

To be the flagship site of the UK makes us very proud, we have opened the doors with a number of members that surpassed our expectations and the feedback from them just re-affirms that we made the right choice!

The support from HQ is incredible, they really go the extra mile to ensure that as franchisees we are opening in the strongest possible position. We are super excited to continue this journey and are already on the hunt for our next location!”

Why we’re different, better for members

  • PROGRAM VARIETY - Massive variety of 50 minute programs from cardio, strength, power, boxing, and everything in between. No session is the same so your members will never get bored
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - As close as your members will get to personal training without the cost!
  • PASSPORT MEMBERSHIP - Unlimited access to any studio with the one membership
  • NO LOCK IN CONTRACT - Flexibility for our members is key
  • ELITE TRAINING METHODS - Training programs designed by an experienced Australian Football League strength and conditioning coach.
  • PROGRESSIVE PROGRAMMING - Our programs are delivered in 8-10 week blocks utilising progressive training loads, building capacity and capability week on week.
  • BESPOKE TECHNOLOGY - Industry leading heart rate technology that aligns with our programs, personalizes results and keeps members engaged.
  • INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY - A unique community environment that builds lasting friendships and networks while having fun

bft franchise

Our franchise opportunity

Since franchising in April 2018, where we launched in Melbourne Australia, with 4 franchises, we have now seen our network grow across Australia and launch globally – with over 500+ franchises around the world!

In 2020 & 2021, BFT won Fit Summit’s APAC Franchise of the Year Award.

Successful BFT studios currently operate in a mix of zones, from retail and commercial, through to shopping centres and industrial estates. Ground floor is preferred as this creates easier access and visibility, as well as less requirements for building permits.

“I’m beyond excited to bring BFT and its world class training programming and coaching to the UK. After years in the Australian fitness market, I’ve seen the growth and success of the BFT Franchise network and am now honoured to have the opportunity to launch BFT in London, Battersea.

BFT have built an incredible brand, systems and community that is second to none so that Franchisees experience success when they join the network.

The London fitness market is ready for something new and exciting. Weekly training that is thoroughly thought through, programming that is different everyday keeping members accountable while progressively getting fitter & stronger throughout their BFT journey.

As a coach this is the most enjoyable part, seeing the success and enjoyment of others!”

Why we’re different, better for franchisees

  • WE’RE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM - A “true working relationship” between franchisee and franchisor that isn’t just rhetoric – it’s at the core of how we do business.
  • BIGGER TERRITORIES - Bigger, better, fairer territories (than elsewhere in the industry) with better opportunities and significant value-adds.
  • EXCLUSIVE BFT TECHNOLOGY - Industry leading, cutting edge technology developed over 4 years by the BFT founder, together with the best partnerships in the fitness industry space. We’ll be first with the new fitness trends and ensure your members stay engaged and excited by our constantly evolving and developing programs.
  • PROVEN INVESTMENT RETURNS - Attractive short and long term cash flow financial model. Minimum breakeven and cash flow positive time-frames. As evidenced globally, low set up costs and high margins create the right formula for success.
  • EQUIPMENT FINANCE - Equipment financing options (dependant on individual financial circumstances) to help establish your business and assist with cash flow.
  • QUALITY EQUIPMENT - The best equipment on the market that is both reliable and will significantly enhance your offering and set you apart from competitors.
  • BACKED BY BFT HQ - Ongoing training and 24/7 support from HQ. From operations / logistics to basic HR, Legal and P&L reporting information, so you know someone’s there for you when you need.

Ideal Partners

If you’re motivated, committed and seeking a rewarding opportunity in the fitness industry with a fresh, exciting and innovative brand, then this could be the perfect partnership for you.

We’re looking for either fitness industry “owner operators” wanting to work in the business with a hands on approach; or entrepreneurs keen to drive new sources of income by appointing studio managers on their behalf.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the way we do things here at BFT.

bft franchise

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