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Utility360 offers a complete energy management package to businesses across the UK; by controlling energy costs we can improve the efficiency and bottom line profits of businesses.

The market

The choice of supplier and range of tariffs for businesses has expanded dramatically over recent years; there are now over 20 suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK. In addition, recent deregulation in the water industry and allows businesses to choose their supplier.

The business sector of the Energy Industry is more complex than the domestic market. Comparison websites do not always sufficiently interrogate customer needs and therefore in many cases do not offer a tailored solution for individual businesses.

Therefore, professional advice and guidance on energy management is essential to businesses who want to maximise efficiency, which is where Utlity360 franchisees come in.

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Why choose a Utility360 franchise?

Utility360 is currently the only energy management franchise to be a member of the British Franchise Association (bfa).

Utility360 has relationships with all major energy suppliers, allowing our franchisees to obtain access to the most appropriate, specially negotiated tariffs for their customers.

Some franchises are seasonal, others are dependent on external factors such as economic growth, inflation and favorable exchange rates; a Utility360 franchise is not subject to such external risks making our proposition recession proof.


I have not looked back since I joined the Utility360 team. Their easy to use, bespoke portal enables me to compare Suppliers pricing efficiently, which in turn has helped my business to climb to a new level. My advice to anyone thinking of joining Utility360 is to do so without delay!" Sarah Sheppard


The role of a Utility360 franchisee

As a Utility360 franchisee, you are responsible for arranging initial meetings with businesses in your territory to discuss their energy management needs.

Once you have secured a client, you will be responsible for managing their utility bills, providing them with advice on saving energy, renegotiating and setting up contracts and ensuring that they are billed correctly. Tthroughout this process you will be liaising with your sales support team, who will provide back up on pricing and setting up the contracts with the suppliers.

How much does a Utility360 franchise cost?

The cost of a Utility360 franchise is £19,995 + VAT. For this we will provide:

  • An exclusive territory*
  • Systems and equipment to support your role
  • Marketing provisions
  • Ongoing training and support
  • An initial 5 day training course at our Head Office
  • A bespoke web based pricing tool
  • Business cards

* Each territory (available across the UK) will include 4,000 target businesses of between 5 and 200 employees. You can sell our proposition to any business of any size, in addition to public sector outlets such as schools and recreational centres.

Banks may be able to lend up to 70% funding dependent on your financial history.

How we train and support you


"The training and technical help from Utility360 has been fantastic. Due to this and their ongoing support and I have been able to develop and grow a large customer base." Nikki Houghton


We offer a 10 day induction programme which will be held partly at our Cheshire headquarters and partly on territory.

The two major component parts of the programme are around knowledge and skills. Some examples of subject matter are shown below:utility360 knowledge


  • The Franchise
  • The Energy Sector
  • Market regulation
  • Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Suppliers


  • Generic sales skillsutility360 helping small business owner
  • Pre- sales activity
  • Appointment making
  • The sales call
  • Business planning

We know that you will be the key decision maker in the business but we will be there for you with help and advice every step of the way after the initial programme. For example, the territory based part of our training programme offers accompanied sales visits, call evaluations and on-going training throughout your first year.

Who are Utility360 looking for?

There is no model for the ideal franchisee. However, it would be fair to say that there are certain skills and characteristics that would be necessary to succeed as a Utility360 franchisee.

In terms of skills, effective communication, high levels of numeracy and an ability to understand technical matters would be critical to your success.

Determination, integrity, a desire to deliver excellent service harnessed to a strong work ethic and being a team player would be essential characteristics for a successful franchisee.

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Franchisor Interview

Exclusive Interview: Michael Wood, Managing Director of Utility360


Franchisors Name: Michael Wood, Managing Director

Name of Franchise: Utility360

Tell us about how/when the business was started and the motivation behind establishing the company. 

Utility360 was founded in 2010.  It was started in response to requests from suppliers who wanted to increase the volume of business from energy brokers without the hassle of dealing with them on an individual basis.  The principles that underpinned the business were to create a processing system which helped customers to get the best choice from the market and ensure that their requirements were met by suppliers in the most efficient way possible.

When and why did you decide to go down the franchise route?

The idea for looking at a franchise operation began around 4 years ago. Changes in the energy market to focus on renewable energy production were beginning to increase the cost of energy.  New codes of practice were beginning to feed into the industry from suppliers and regulators wishing to curb some of the mis-selling of some brokers in the market. There was increased technical development which could help customers monitor and reduce consumption by changing practices or installing new equipment. Utility360 could see the opportunities these changes could deliver to customers and stakeholders. However, the existing business model didn’t seem to be suited to taking advantage of these changes, so we began the journey which has ultimately brought us to franchising the business.

What have been the company’s biggest achievements/successes to date so far?

"We are one of a handful of businesses who have an agency with all the big six energy companies."

We also deal with many of the smaller energy companies where they offer a high level of customer service and are financially stable.  This allows us to be able to offer a true full market service of suppliers to our partners and customers

What challenges have you had to overcome?

The market has changed substantially in the past 8 years we have been operating.  There have been many changes in the way the suppliers have been asked to deal with customers. This has in turn affected how we interact with our customers. Ensuring that our processes meet these needs is an area we continually develop.  In addition, changes to technology have opened up opportunities to help customers reduce their energy consumption. Consequently, we have adapted the business model to ensure we can help deliver these benefits to customers.

What differentiates Utility360 from the competition?

We believe we are the only full market utility consultancy committed to delivering a personal service to customers on a face to face basis.

In your opinion, what makes a successful Utility360 franchisee?

We are passionate about delivering first class service and advice to customers.  We expect that our franchisees will also share these values.   We have excellent technical knowledge at head office, so you don’t need to have any background in energy as we will provide full training.  However, you will need to be someone with good learning capacity as the business never stands still.  Experience of dealing in a business to business environment would be a real help and you need to be confident engaging with new people.

What changes have you seen in your industry over recent year?  And how have you adapted to them?

When we started our business, the market was focused almost exclusively on contract renewal. At that stage the suppliers were rigidly sticking to 1 and 2-year contracts for gas and electricity. At the end of the contract term, customers were forced to stay with suppliers on high prices unless they met stringent termination requirements.  Since then the options for contracts have extended dramatically and now include 5-year terms and the ability to organise a contract up to 12 months before it will start. This means that there is now much more choice and a greater need to help customers understand what is right for their business. 

In addition, there are now lots of opportunities to help people to monitor and reduce their energy use through options such as smart technology and energy saving devices.  Developments in battery technology will soon deliver the chance to store energy bought at a cheap time of day and use it at an expensive time of day hence saving money. Energy has evolved into a truly dynamic business.

What does the future hold for Utility360?

"This is a sector which never sleeps and is constantly developing."

Every business needs utilities to operate. Changes of all sorts are impacting on the costs of utilities, making them a key component of business costs. The supplier model in this sector of the economy is based on gaining customers on low prices and then making money from them in future years. Therefore, it will always be possible to help busy businesses to manage and even reduce these costs. We believe this will be increasingly important in the years to come.

What expansion plans have you got nationally and internationally?

Our first goal is to develop the Franchise operation to be a national business with around 100 Franchisees delivering an excellent service and being rewarded and fulfilled for their efforts. We aren’t actively looking to develop outside the UK at the moment.  However, the system would transfer to other countries and there are several countries who have a similar energy model to the UK, so you never know.

If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?

There’s no doubt that we’ve come on quite a journey since 2010. There have been many things which we’ve done well and some things which haven’t quite gone to plan. Looking back though it’s often been those elements which haven’t worked out which have taught us the most.  Overall, I don’t think I’d want to do it any differently…. I’d just wish we’d looked at the franchise option sooner!

To learn more of franchise opportunites with Utility360, download a prospectus here!