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Cafe2U is the UK’s premier mobile coffee franchise. Regular revenue through event and function work. Can operate a single van or build a multi-van business.

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At a Glance

Established: Established in Australia in 2000 and the UK in 2004.

UK Presence: Over 90 franchisees

Average start up cost: £70,900

Min personal contribution: £15,000

International Presence Over 250 franchisees worldwide

Development type: single-unit franchises; multi-unit franchises

Franchise Info

cafe2u franchisees next to van

Cafe2U is the UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise system delivering fresh espresso based coffee and great food to businesses, events and functions. Cafe2U is a member of the British Franchise Association and has over 90 franchisees in the UK.

The Benefits of being a Cafe2U Franchise Partner

  • No % royalty – Fixed weekly fee
  • Low initial investment
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Booming industry – according to the British Coffee Association; in the UK, we now drink approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day
  • High profit margins
  • High level of daily repeat business
  • Industry leading 4 week training, including Acceleration Package and income guarantee
  • Ongoing support and training

Who is Cafe2u?

Cafe2U UK founder Tom Acland started operating in 2004 in Leeds. Tom first experienced Cafe2U during his stay in Australia; he immediately fell in love with idea and wanted to share it with UK. The first prototype mobile café van was launched in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

Since launching in 2004, Cafe2U continues to lead the mobile coffee sector, our focus is helping our franchise network grow their businesses with innovative solutions.

Despite being the UK’s first mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U continues to lead the mobile coffee sector as ranked by Allegra World Coffee Portal and the EF100 Top Franchises in the UK.

cafe2u van

Why choose Cafe2U?

  • Quality - Quality coffee, Quality service, Quality of training
  • Care and support - We really care about the wellbeing of our franchise network, as people and their business
  • Training & development - we don’t just teach you how to make premium espresso coffee, we help develop your business. We share knowledge, coach and mentor you to become successful business owners who can drive their business forward, learning how to adapt and succeed.
  • People - this business is about people and will help you get what you want and need; whether it’s for specific work-life balance and flexibility of hours or just the freedom from a corporate lifestyle - our people enjoy their work!
  • Flexible - we will work with you and your specific circumstances to ensure that not only are you the right fit for us but we are the right fit for you.

The Café2U Training & Support

At Cafe2U our training and support is second to none. We make sure you have the tools for success. In March 2009, the Cafe2U Acceleration Package was launched. This four-week training and support program for all new Cafe2U Franchise Partners ensures that your business gets off to a flying start.

cafe2u franchisee serving customers

The Cafe2U Acceleration Training and Launch Programme provides new Franchise Partners with:

1 week of classroom training, incorporating:

  • Professional barista training
  • Safe food handling (HACCP Certification)
  • Food management systems
  • Franchise Partner training manuals
  • Business operations manuals
  • Business development manual
  • Launch promotional pack
  • Business management training
  • Local area market training

1 week Franchise Partner (in territory) pre-work conducted under supervision of the Franchise Development Manager (FDM) – a personal coach and mentor to help you get up and running.

2 weeks in territory launch program with a Franchise Development Manager to fast track the development of the business.

2 weeks of minimum £275 per day Franchise Partner Revenue Guarantee.

Best of all, your till will be ringing and your customer base will start to build!

The FDM is always available for help and visits each Franchise Partner quarterly to document success and plan improvements and growth. Franchise Partners are supplied with a local area marketing toolkit and in January/ February Cafe2U holds its Annual Conference where Franchise Partners from around the UK and Ireland gather for a motivating weekend of learning and networking.

Could You Be Our Next Franchisee?

cafe2u franchisee

Whilst we don't require candidates to have prior business experience, we do require them to assess how committed they are to running a mobile café and to have a strong desire to succeed in the industry. Overall, we are simply looking for goal-oriented individuals to join us in our mission to continue being the best in the industry.

Your Investment

Our franchise fee (excluding your vehicle) starts from just £20,950 plus vat; which includes your exclusive territory licence, training, launch and marketing pack.

Your Cafe2U all-electric mobile café and all your equipment is £49,950, and can be funded over 3, 4 or 5 years. We can assist you in arranging finance and your personal investment can be as low as £15,000 (all subject to finance approval).

You could even qualify for a Government backed Business Start-Up Scheme which would allow you to borrow up to £25,000 without investing any money of your own. This figure doubles, if the business has two Directors. We are more than happy to discuss this option in more detail with you.

This is a ‘people’ business

Our business is about people. Helping people to become the best version of themselves, help run their own business without any previous experience and, irrespective of background, become their own boss.

cafe2u franchise van

You can balance your lifestyle and business goals. Whether your aspirations are to operate a single van or to build a multi-van business, Cafe2U has the proven formula to help you achieve your goals.

With over 250 franchisees worldwide, Cafe2U is the UK’s (and the World’s) leading mobile coffee franchise system, delivering fresh espresso coffee and great food to businesses, events and functions. In the fast-growing coffee industry, Cafe2U offers opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to own their successful mobile coffee business without the hassles of landlords, rent or staff. With over ten years operating experience and over 85 UK based franchise partners, our expertise is both extensive and proven.

The Cafe2U business model is based on weekday success, with our franchise partners able to increase this regular revenue through event and function work, so you can balance your lifestyle and business goals. Whether your aspirations are to operate a single van or to build a multi-van business, Cafe2U have the proven formula to help you achieve your goals. Each Cafe2U franchise owner is equipped with a state-of-the-art all-electric mobile café fully compliant with all Food Safety and Local Government requirements.

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Cafe2U's exclusive coffee blend is roasted to a unique recipe that uses only the finest beans. All Cafe2U branded products are made with only top-quality ingredients to ensure that the food and beverages served are of the highest standard.

Take the next step – discover more about running your own Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Business

If you want to take control of your work-life balance and realize your business ownership aspirations with the nation’s fastest growing mobile coffee franchise, join us for a discovery session. We will discuss training and support, launching your business and the less exciting practical aspects of running your mobile coffee business. We will also discuss the investment needed from yourself and the funding options available through third parties, as well as disclosing the turnover you can generate from running your own Cafe2U Franchise

Steve Felmingham Cafe2U

Interested in Cafe2U?

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Success Stories

Success Story
A day in the life of a Cafe2u franchisee

Find out more about what being a Cafe2U franchisee involves as we look at a day in the life of franchisees Antonio and Angela.

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Success Story
Back in control of working life with a Cafe2U franchise

With financial support from family, Alan Fulton was able to get back in control of his work life and set up his Cafe2U franchise in August 2014. Alan previously worked in the hospitality industry for 22 years, an industry which he loved, but unsociable hours which he didn’t.  Alan was no stranger to franchising as his father had bought a ChipsAway franchise previously. However he was looking for a beverage based franchise so he could utilise his previous experience but without the unsociable hours, therefore, Cafe2U seemed the perfect option for him.

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Success Story
From pipe dream to reality

“I had thought initially about setting up a coffee shop but it felt like such a pipe dream and I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it!  One of the companies I had worked in had a Cafe2U van visiting daily and I can remember thinking, how fabulous it must be to go around making people coffee and having a chat! When I got home I researched Cafe2U and that was it, I knew this was what I wanted to do." Abi Ward, has been a Cafe2U franchise owner in Castle Donington since November 2019.

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Success Story
Cafe2U Through it, Stronger with Amanda & Steve Lawrence

Despite the challenges faced during the last year, Cafe2U and our franchisees have come through it stronger. Here, we take a look at some of the individual Cafe2U success stories from recent times.

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Success Story
Cafe2U franchisee's working day

Iain and wife Jenny started their Café2U franchise in Chelmsford in 2013.  “I had come across the notion of franchising about 15 years ago during a discussion with friends and understood that many large chains like McDonald’s were actually franchises. I liked the idea of the central support that being part of a franchise offered, and so when the time came for me to start my own busine,ss I knew that buying a franchise would be my best option.

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Success Story
A day in the life of Kent Cafe2U franchisee Paul Newman

Paul Newman joined Cafe2U in November 2011 after spending 30 years working for McDonald's, 7 years of which involved being a Business Manager and running his own branch. After all that time, Paul decided he was ready for a change and following a chance finding on the internet, Paul discovered Cafe2U and the franchises they offered.

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Cafe2u launches world's first all-electric coffee van

The nation’s largest mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U, has launched the world’s first totally emissions-free coffee van. The UK's fifth largest coffee brand will be upgrading its fleet of almost 100 vehicles to electric over the next five years, saving approximately 12,672g of CO2 per annum.

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Social media to help franchising

With social media now dominating every aspect of modern life, from what to eat to where we visit – to what we do on a night out – it is now even more important than ever to harness it for your business. Whether franchisee or franchisor, now is the time to embrace the digital world and develop a strategy to ensure you keep a pipeline of engaged potential franchisees and ensure existing franchisees have a growing community of happy customers.

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Cafe2U conference review 2020

This year’s Cafe2U Conference was held at the Coffeesmiths Collective HQ in London. The impressive venue was the perfect backdrop for our annual event and gave all our teams a chance to meet, mingle and celebrate another fantastic year.

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Cafe2u sets out 2020 vision

2019 marked an important year for Cafe2U. Not only were we officially recognised as the UK’s number one mobile coffee franchise, we were also listed in the country’s top 20 franchises overall. However, 2020 is set to take things to a whole new level.

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Benefits coffee brings to the workplace

Having poor workplace morale is very detrimental to a business, it can see staff become less creative, unenthusiastic and overall productivity can decline. There are many ways businesses can keep high spirits – good business management, praising the employees and rewarding your staff when necessary. Coffee can also play a part – here are three important ways coffee can make the difference.

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Cafe2u franchisee diversifies through Covid-19 pandemic

Alan Fulton runs his mobile coffee van franchise Cafe2U in Cove and the surrounding business parks. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, the business owner experienced a harrowing dip in trade. Refusing to let this dampen his spirits, and with Government guidelines allowing him to continue trading, he has done everything in his power to avoid closing by making “sweeping changes” to his services.

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Cafe2U is a mobile coffee franchise system, delivering fresh espresso coffee and great food to businesses, events and functions. The business model is based on weekday success, with franchise partners able to increase this regular revenue through event and function work.

It is a great opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to own their successful mobile coffee business without the hassles of landlords, rent or staff.

Equipped with a state of the art Mercedes-Benz Vito van fully compliant with all regulations and Cafe2U branded products made with only top quality ingredients, you are guaranteed to serve food and beverages of the highest standard.

If you are ready to give the high level of commitment expected, enjoy being out and about and in contact with people, Cafe2U definitely is a franchise for you!

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