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Date Updated: 21-October-2016

The Franchising Centre supplier

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As an existing franchisor, you will probably know of The Franchising Centre, but are you aware of all of the areas in which we can provide support for your business?

  • Franchisee Recruitment – Our unique system engages with the good prospects immediately, saves you huge amounts of wasted time and energy and enables you to recruit more, good quality franchisees.
  • Manual Writing – Many franchisors never quite get around to the important (but time consuming) task of updating their franchise operations manual until there is a problem. We love writing and updating manuals – let us take the problem away for you.
  • International Franchising – We have the people, experience and contacts to lead you to international franchising success.
  • Staff Recruitment – Our specialist franchise recruiters will save you time, effort and money by finding you the right person, first time.
  • Training – Get your team performing better and stand out with new franchisee prospects by attending the wide range of workshops available at our industry leading training centre.
  • Franchise Management Software – Inexpensive and easy to use, our franchise software will make your business so much easier to manage.
  • Franchise Suppliers – A one stop shop for all of those useful specialist franchise suppliers that can make your business more efficient and easier to manage.
  • Exit Planning – If you are planning to exit your business in the next few years, go through our Value Builder process to ensure you maximise your return and minimise the obstacles to a successful deal.

You can dip into our franchisor support system at any time to make the task of managing your business easier, more efficient and more profitable – contact us today to find out more.

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