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From Needle and Thread to Drainage Business Mastery


Clive, with a background in construction, and Maureen, with her sewing alterations business, found themselves at a crossroads. Clive’s work kept him away from home, and they yearned for more quality time together as they neared their fifties. The couple decided it was time for a change, a new venture they could work on together.

Choosing the Franchise Route

Their journey into franchising began when Clive’s brother, who operated a drainage business in Bath, expressed his desire to expand the business. They considered the opportunity but soon stumbled upon Metro Rod, a professional and reputable name in the drainage industry. With their two sons in mind, working together as a family became an attractive possibility.

A Well-Informed Decision

After an initial interview at Metro Rod’s headquarters, they were impressed by the franchise model and support offered to them by Metro Rod. From advice setting up, training courses to advance their knowledge of the industry to on hand support when purchasing equipment for the business. The transparency in their discussions left no room for doubt. Maureen and Clive agreed it was a golden opportunity with a well-established and professional company.

A Learning Experience

Clive and Maureen confessed they were novices in the world of business when they embarked on their franchise journey. However, Metro Rod provided them with impeccable training and support, ensuring they never felt alone in their endeavours. The support line was always available to help them, no matter the situation. Metro Rod’s induction programme provides one to one training on the systems used to manage the business, along with every aspect from employing staff, to understanding the importance of health and safety standards, as well as managing the accounts practices for a healthy business. Several weeks worth of training is prepared, bespoke to the needs of the individual to ensure that by the time of launch the owner feels confident in their ability to manage their new venture.

What Makes Metro Rod Great

Over the years, the couple discovered what sets Metro Rod apart from competitors - professionalism, an impeccable health and safety record, quality work, competitive prices, and staff who are known for their politeness and willingness to go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers.

The Recipe for a Successful Franchisee

 Clive and Maureen believe that a successful franchisee must be prepared to work diligently, preferably from the ground up. Gaining firsthand knowledge of the business is essential to command the respect of employees and set high standards. Having a supportive network of franchisees means that gaining knowledge of running a successful business is close at hand. By working with neighbouring and the Metro Rod Support Centre there's countless people you can call on for advice. Giving you the unique ability to spend time learning from others and take back ideas into your own business. With designated territories there is no competition but a complimentary group of professionals all benefiting from everyone’s successes.

A Close-Knit Team

As time passed, the couple gradually handed over the reins of the business to their sons and a hardworking close-knit support team. Now, after 22 years, their roles have transitioned to overseeing major decisions. The consistent success of their business is a testament to their effective leadership and dedication. One of the keys to their success when it comes to retaining the best staff is paying them slightly above the average. They offer commission to their engineers and pass the praise and compliments onto their employees. Beyond business, they take an interest in their staff’s personal lives and are there when a personal crisis arises. This has helped them foster loyalty among their team members.

Community Involvement and Charity Work

Metro Rod Bristol has been an active part of the community, sponsoring a local junior rugby team and supporting a local charity called “I Can.” Clive and Maureen are also involved in charity fundraising, further strengthening their connection with the community.

Advice for Future Franchisees

Clive and Maureen’s most valuable piece of advice for aspiring franchisees is to commit wholeheartedly and work closely with the franchisor to get the best out of the business. Be prepared for the round-the-clock responsibility that comes with entrepreneurship. In conclusion, Clive and Maureen’s journey with Metro Rod Bristol is an example of many across the network. Their hard work, dedication, and partnership with a reputable franchise like Metro Rod has transformed their lives and created a thriving family business. If you’re considering joining Metro Rod, their story is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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