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Wingers Franchise Sparks Interest


Jack Davis has been an electrician for seven years, working in his family business set up by his dad Kem 40 years ago.   He’s completed the electrical installation for five Wingers – the Chicken Wing company – high street restaurants, plus a dark kitchen in Birmingham.  One day, it sparked a new idea!

Jack confirms: “As well as completing electrical work for Wingers, I was a regular customer in the Lichfield restaurant.  I love the tasty fresh fried buttermilk chicken, which is at a great price point – perfect if you don’t fancy cooking!  The team are friendly and welcoming and the shops bright and colourful with memorable, strong branding.  I had an idea which just wouldn’t go away!   I got chatting to Bill Sunner one of the founders of Wingers and asked him if you needed any kind of experience to run a franchised Wingers outlet.  The answer was: “you are business minded, we like the quality of your work so, if you are keen we can train you!”

“When Bill phoned me some weeks later to say he’d found the perfect site on Aldridge high street, suddenly the idea of becoming a Wingers franchisee took off!   Training took place in the Lichfield store over a few weeks.  I learned all the behind the scenes processes from ordering to food hygiene, doing the books, to stock control.  It was fairly straight forward, even for someone with no food industry experience.”

“I was proud to work on the electrics as part of the Aldridge store fit out.  It was exciting to think this was my new venture!   The Aldridge restaurant opened in July 2023 and it was busy from day one.  Aldridge high street is a popular food destination with a fish & chips shop and café.  Suddenly Wingers was also on the menu!  Wingers has a close relationship with Uber Eats which helps with online marketing plus we launched with some special offers and customers soon flocked in.

“I’ve chosen to go into the franchise in partnership with my dad and uncle so we can build something together for the future.  My dad and Bill get on really well and I work well with Dylan and Amran, Bill’s sons who are also founders of Wingers and heavily involved with the business.  There is a real family feel to the operation, yet the Wingers team members are all highly professional and incredibly experienced. The Wingers franchise represents an impressive opportunity and we are really excited to be involved at such an early stage.

“I plan to continue being an electrician, so once Aldridge is fully established, I will appoint a trusted manager to run the restaurant along with our team.  I will then be able to oversee the franchised operation by just popping in on a regular basis and being in close contact with staff.  A number of the team came from the Wingers dark kitchen in Aldridge – which has closed now the store has opened.  They really know their jobs.  Many existing online customers from the dark kitchen now order from the high street store too, so this got sales off to a flying start.

“Who knows what the future will hold?  Wingers is expanding rapidly and we love the simple, fresh concept which has met a gap in the market for quality, tasty fast food.  There are certainly plenty of opportunities for expansion in the future, so watch this space!”

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