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Expansion Success for Northampton Branch


Paul Chant had enjoyed a successful career in the printing and packing industry for 30 years when he decided it was time for a change. Having worked hard for the benefit of others for so long, he began seeking a new challenge where he would be able to continue using his vast skill set and experience in customer-facing roles, sales development and marketing. And with a keen interest in the property industry, EweMove ticked all of Paul’s boxes.

Now, nearly three years after launching their EweMove business covering the north of Northampton, Paul, along with his wife Jayne, are at the beginning of another exciting chapter as they expand their territory with the goal of ultimately becoming the go-to agency for the whole of Northampton.

“Like a lot of people do after a 30-year long career, I’d got tired of the industry I was working in,” explained Paul. “After a period of searching for something completely different that’d appeal to me, I found EweMove. I’ve always had an interest in real estate. Having lived in Northampton for 25 years, I was inspired by the prospect of bringing a new and progressive brand to my community, while equally being given all the tools to become my own boss – and a successful one at that.”

Expansion and building on the successes they have already celebrated as a part of EweMove has always been the driving force behind Paul’s mission. Thinking more about their long-term goals, Paul and Jayne see no reason to take their foot off the gas now, as EweMove’s hybrid model has enabled the pair to explore various avenues of expansion with the lowest risks attached to their existing business. And as the pair welcome new faces to their team, Paul and Jayne are excited to enjoy a comfortable work-life balance.

“COVID was a worry for us, as we had to navigate a period that saw a great deal of the property market stutter. But we were resilient and managed to use the resources provided by EweMove to be as successful as possible throughout a difficult two years, and we’re now really seeing the benefit of that. In fact, when the first lockdown ended, we saw a ‘stamp duty stampede’ and we were able to enjoy a rush within the business,” added Jayne.

“It’s been a really interesting time and I’m really happy to have joined Paul on this journey as we look to expand our franchise together,” Jayne continued. “I started in September last year and I love it. Initially coming in to support Paul in various roles, I’ve been able to see my own development in the flock, which the Sheep Pen has supported me in. Their support has been excellent, not only to me but to us both as we continue to make significant steps toward achieving our exciting plans for the business.”

Franchisees can choose to work as a single operator or build a team of passionate and enthusiastic estate agents. EweMove’s approach of one agent seeing the home-moving journey from start to finish with a client supports the delivery of consistently high standards, selling houses faster than other estate agencies, and for more money.

Even though Paul and Jayne have reached the position where they could step back more from the business, they’ve decided to continue to drive the business forward. The lesser-explored markets within the ever-moving property industry continually present exciting new opportunities to the pair. EweMove matches those trends and market changes with innovative systems to help franchisees deliver excellent customer service in their local markets.

“What’s great about the Sheep Pen is that they appreciate our position as being the experts within our respective territories, I wanted the freedom of running my own business and EweMove HQ have understand that. But that’s not to say we’re left in the dark as franchisees. I’d never been an estate agent myself before joining EweMove, so having the peace of mind that the Sheep Pen is there whenever you need them is really valuable,” Paul continued.

“You’re given the training and tools to run your own business, but you’re never isolated. We’ve been able to learn from the experiences of others in the network. You can improve your own business purely from best practice and ideas shared by our flock. Having launched our franchise just before a global pandemic, it’s incredible to see that we’ve grown enough to enjoy a work-life balance whilst still expanding the business.”

Speak to one of the team today to find out how you could launch your own EweMove business in your local area.

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