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A day in the life of an OSCAR franchisee...

Being self-employed and working from home gives you the flexibility of running your own business around family requirements, and your lifestyle around your business. No day is the same: a day in the office, customer deliveries, local shows and events – an OSCAR Pet Foods business comes with lots of variety.

Bernie says: “Monday sets us up for the week. It's office day, updating accounts and records and banking etc – it's also a day for follow-up calls and planning the week ahead.

“It's my job to maintain the office, while Nigel will make it his day to collect stock and touch base with Head Office. His role takes in sales and marketing while I prepare the way with with phone calls and text messages to existing customers and set up new customer taste trials.

“Our business allows us to manage our work life balance but, being self-employed, your mind never stops and we like to use the motto 'always on active service' to indicate we are only a phone call away – at any time.”
Nigel and Berni Woodall - Wilmslow, Cheshire

“I like to be organised and will start my day with a printed schedule,” says Lynette. “My customers are used to my routine which helps me to be organised, albeit sometimes emergencies happen to change the plan.

“I am very focused and administration day is when I concentrate on accounts, customer orders and updates. From promotions to delivery days I have my week well planned. I allocate different areas for different days of the week and aim to gain extra benefit from closely connected households where I have extra time to market my business outside of follow up calls.

“There will be a social day where I can spend extra time with a client, which includes a cup of coffee, and the chance to offer greater support where it's needed, putting my nutritional qualification to good use when offering sound advice.”
Lynette Higgins – Bridgnorth, Shropshire

“One of the great benefits of running my OSCAR business is having flexibility because every day brings a different challenge,” says Brian. “I never fail to allocate two days a week to administration - one for office duties, which includes accounts, customer calls and ordering of stock, which I collect from Head Office on the second day.

“I work my days to suit my customers and luckily, that works for me too. Though I never really switch off I'm always on alert for opportunities, and will generally combine personal calls with delivery days – which may include walking my dog – enabling me to promote my products while combining my business with pleasure.

“I have very good relations with my customers and will always be flexible when I can. They, in return, are extremely supportive by referring new clients when the time is right.”
Brian Hulme – Stockport, Cheshire

OSCAR is the ideal franchise opportunity for anyone with a business interest, working within the pet sector, no matter their skill set or working background.

Designed with the franchisee in mind, OSCAR is dedicated to delivering a franchise business that supports its network and provides training to enhance business growth. OSCAR is adopting a more user-friendly approach throughout and, with up-to-date technology, can provide innovative training that allows franchisees home access to an online resource centre, while making learning more accessible.

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