Date Updated: 01-June-2020

Buy and sell retail franchises

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Cash Generator

Looking for a retail franchise with multiple revenue streams? Cash Generator enables sellers to get value for their unwanted items, and for buyers to make their hard-earned cash go further. They also have access to new or end of line goods and can sell popular items such as vaping products, as well as gold and jewellery.

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    Cash Generator is a retail franchise. Our franchisees sell and buy second hand goods, as well as new or graded products, via their store or online.

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About Buy and sell retail franchises

Buy and sell franchises are retail outlets in which customers’ sell their pre-owned goods with the option of reclaiming it at a later date or selling these second-hand goods outright to other customers who visit their store.

Some buy and sell franchises will offer additional services, such as ‘cash advance’, ‘personal loans’, ‘cash for gold’, ‘travel money’ and other such personal finance products.

Cash Generator franchise, CEX franchise and Cash Converters franchise are examples of buy and sell franchises.

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