Date Updated: 22-July-2019

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Barrett & Coe Photography

Interested in developing a photography business?
The Barrett & Coe franchise offers you a successful business model for a wedding and portrait photography business. Franchisees receive all the tools and training they need to capture magical moments from home or a studio.

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    Venture Studios is the only premium portrait photography brand operating both in the UK and internationally.

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    Barrett & Coe offer a professional photography service for weddings or portraiture within a home-based or external studio.

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About Photography franchises

So why are photography franchises becoming more popular?  The rise of social media and the ease at which we can share photos, means that we are taking photos more freely now.  And with this comes an increased interested in photography.  

But photography doesn’t need to be just a hobby, it can also be a rewarding career for you.

A photography franchise is ideal for those with a creative flair and a passion for photography. You don’t need to have experience or qualifications in photography as ethical franchisors will provide you with expert training and support to build up your technical knowledge and give you the tools to allow you to build a thriving business. You should possess great customer care skills and be comfortable directing clients within a studio environment or at special occasions and events.

Whilst we can take quality photos with our phones, there is still a need for professional photographs to capture important milestones and events in our lives such as weddings, birthday, new baby, school and nursery class photos, personal events or as special gifts for family and friends.

Buying a photography franchise in the UK allows you to mix business with pleasure.


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