Date Updated: 22-July-2019

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Hitio Gym

Got an interest in martial arts? Or perhaps interested in owning your own gym / fitness studio? Now you can have both with a Hitio franchise. Hitio is the latest concept to arrive in the UK – it combines traditional fitness and martial arts training under one roof. With parents and children able to train at the same time, Hitio offers a unique gym experience for the whole family.

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    HITIO Gym is a combination of a traditional fitness studio and a whole-family martial arts school.

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Gym Master Franchise Opportunities

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    Xponential Fitness is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing fitness franchise companies, whose portfolio of brands includes Club Pilates, Cyclebar, Stretchlab, Row House, Yoga Six and AKT.

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    World Gym is an exciting new gym franchise from California, over 200 locations worldwide, looking to enter the UK market.

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    PowerSlim is a proven, intelligent weight loss programme. Established in the Netherlands, PowerSlim now have 500+ global consultants and are looking to expand within the UK market.

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About Gym franchises

Gym franchises are the ideal franchise opportunity for those keen on investing in a fitness franchise with fixed premises.  Gym franchises typically offer fitness classes and personal training.

Buying a gym franchise allows the franchisee to run their own gym business under an already established and reputable brand name, allowing them to make profits in a shorter time.

Gyms can be broadly classified as low-market, mid-market and high-market based on their membership fees and the facilities they offer.

Recent years has seen a huge increase in the number of gym franchises making an impact in the UK gym market including 24-hour gyms such as Anytime Fitness franchise and Snap Fitness, and no frills gyms such as energie Fitness franchise.

Another new concept to arrive in the UK is Hitio franchise.  Hitio allows families to train together as it provides gym facilities and martial art classes for all ages.

There is currently over 7000 gym in the UK with nearly 10 million members; 1 in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym.

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