Plumbing franchise FAQs

Plumbing is a trade that is popular in the UK. It is therefore not surprising that there are many plumbing franchise opportunities available.


What is a good UK plumbing franchise to purchase?
There are many UK pluming franchises available to purchase in the UK. Each franchise has its own benefits and so you need to look at each one individually. Is it a member of the British Franchise Association, how long has it been established for, how many franchisees are in the UK, what is the background of the franchisor and other members of management, how many have failed, what is their plans for the next 5 years etc. Also look at what each franchise entails, i.e. what is the role of the franchisee, it is hands-on manual work or are you managing a team of plumbers.

Is it a good idea to purchase a UK plumbing franchise?
Both professionals and individual property owners are always in need of plumbing services for their properties, both in terms of maintenance and emergency repairs. Whilst households or businesses can cut costs elsewhere, is they have a burst pipe or blocked drain, they will need to get a plumber to look at it. Plumbing is therefore an essential service that is always in demand.

I don't have any plumbing experience. Can I still purchase a plumbing franchise?
Whether you have any experience in plumbing or not, most plumbing franchise enable you to become a Gas Safe registered plumber through their fully certified training programme. The benefit of franchising is that you are buying a package which includes full training and support, hence why most franchises do not like for experience in their industry but instead specific traits and characteristics such as good customer service skills, hard working, good communication etc. Check with the franchise you are interested in what they look for in a franchisee and also what they offer franchisees to enable them to become a skilled tradesman. Some plumbing franchises will require you to manage the business and not be hands-on so the skill set they require will differ.

I would like to buy a plumbing franchise, but don't actually want to work as a plumber. Is this possible?
There are many UK plumbing franchises available to purchase, some will require you to be hands on whilst others will not expect you to work as a plumber in your business but instead manage and grow the business. Some may look for both i.e. you may initially need to undertake plumbing work but as the business develops and you take on more help, you get to concentrate on managing the business including recruiting experienced plumbers.


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