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Beautiful Me Franchise

Beautiful Me is a rollmassage salon franchise that uses the most innovative contactless rollmassage system.

We have created a unique experience for customers - private rooms, thick carpeted floors, warm soft lights, flowers, pastel colours, luscious drapery and natural wood accents.

The procedure is entirely automated: after booking their appointment online, the customer comes into the salon, gets changed, and the machines start the procedure automatically at the correct time, going through a specific sequence of 16 positions. The customer sees the positions on a large screen, in real time, helping them get the most of it.

We designed and patented our own rollmassage machines, which are quieter, more durable, and smarter than the competition. They are remotely manageable and fully automated, which means they don’t require any staff to operate.

The Beautiful Me rollmassage machines are provided on a rental basis, which means you don't need to splash out on expensive equipment. A typical Beautiful Me salon with 4 rollmassage machines can be operated by only 1 hostess, effectively making it 8x cheaper than a regular massage salon.

Low operating costs, low franchise costs and a wide target demographic mean a fast return on investment.

Min Personal Investment: N/A
Min Total Investment: N/A
BFA Relationship: N/A
Franchise Type: Retail
Industry: Hair & Beauty

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