I'm delighted to introduce the whichfranchise.com Great British Franchisee Awards, in recognition of outstanding franchisees.

As someone who has been involved in franchising for over 25 years, I feel it's time the industry had awards where franchisees in the UK have the opportunity to be recognised for outstanding performance, regardless of the size of your business or the sector you work in.

There is not one winner. This award can be achieved by any franchisee who can demonstrate the ability to perform exceptionally well in all areas of their business.

Franchisees are the lifeblood of UK franchising, and without YOU there would be no system. I think we need to acknowledge this and The Great British Franchisee Award does exactly that.

These are impartial awards with a clear and transparent judging process, focusing on the people who have made UK franchising a success. We're really looking forward to celebrating your achievements!

JOHNNY SELLYN, whichfranchise


We want all outstanding franchisees to be recognised, regardless of the sector you work in or the size of your business, and we want this to be a fair award. Therefore, we will be looking at each franchisee and how you perform across a range of categories, as follows:

  • Franchisee Stability and Business Experience - Description of your business - size, location and duration and profitability.
  • Driving Business Growth - Focusing on your consistency in performance over previous years, as well as attitude and drive in achieving results.
  • Retaining Staff - For franchisees who employ staff, we'll be looking at how you develop and retain staff.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Looking at feedback from customers, and how you encourage repeat business.
  • Community Involvement - How you interact with your local community.
  • Inspired Leadership - How you lead your business and what sets you apart from others; how you interact with others in the franchisee network.
  • Franchise Involvement - Details of involvement in your franchise network.