A day in the life of a Oven Wizards franchise owner

Oven Wizards franchisee Paul Gilbert in front of a clean oven

Paul Gilbert owns and operates Oven Wizards East Sussex Territory. He has been with Oven Wizards for nearly 6 years and has successfully built his Oven Wizards business to a multi- van operation.

Paul says:

- My day starts around 7am ensuring that the van is fully stocked and prepared for the day.

- My first appointment is normally 8:30 and depending on the type of oven that is to be cleaned will last anywhere between 90 minutes and up to 4 hours if I am cleaning a range style cooker.

- I aim to clean 3 ovens a day but this depends on the type of oven I have been asked to clean. My day ends between 4pm and 6:30 depending on how many cleans I have had that day.

- In between cleans I drop leaflets into the surrounding houses to get additional work and during the day I am answering the phone and managing my diary for the coming weeks.

- I am usually booked up 2 or 3 weeks in advance with my regular clients increasing year on year. 

- When I joined Oven Wizards I received training on business development and I have mainly followed and implemented this plan of action.

- On the operational side of things it's a case of building on your initial training and developing your own techniques to ensure customer satisfaction on all appointments. 

My goal has always been to build a successful business that will give me different options when I get to retirement age.

With the support and structure that Oven Wizards have in place plus seeing first- hand how successful some of their franchisees have been over a relatively short space of time I know I can achieve my goal. In my previous jobs I rarely got job satisfaction, now I get it on a daily basis. There is nothing like experiencing the customer "Wow" factor when the customer sees their sparkly oven for the first time.

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