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Northern Ireland
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Aspray franchisee turnover increases by 300%


In Belfast, Michael Crilly’s turnover increased by 300% last year. In one month alone last winter he had over 70 jobs on the go all received within a 3 week time period!

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Franchising in Northern Ireland, why buy a franchise in Northern Ireland?

Franchising in Northern Ireland is currently valued at £0.3 billion with 24% of all franchise systems present there. Though it lacks behind the majority of the UK, recent years has seen a flurry of franchise activity in the country, mainly through an increase in the presence of franchise systems. As like any UK city, the main cities of Northern Ireland boast a plethora of franchise opportunities.

Northern Island consists of 6 counties, made up of dynamic cities such as Belfast, Londonderry, Lisburn, Newtonabbey and Bangor, all contributing to a population of 1,759,000. Belfast is the capital and the country's largest city, boasting a population of 0.3 million.

Northern Ireland is a country steeped in history, that wants to forget its' troubled past and build upon a vibrant and economically positive future.

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