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Northern Ireland franchise owners & news

Maintaining an excellent quality of life with WPA


Simon Marks has run a WPA Healthcare franchise in Northern Ireland for 4 years. He left behind a long career in the banking sector and was able to transfer many of his skills to suit his new role. Simon was impressed by WPA’s support package and felt this was invaluable to running a successful business. After so long working in a corporate environment Simon relishes in the fact that he can plan his diary around his commitments and maintain an excellent quality of life. read more

Franchising in Northern Ireland, why buy a franchise in Northern Ireland?

Franchising in Northern Ireland is currently valued at £0.3 billion with 24% of all franchise systems present there. Though it lacks behind the majority of the UK, recent years has seen a flurry of franchise activity in the country, mainly through an increase in the presence of franchise systems. As like any UK city, the main cities of Northern Ireland boast a plethora of franchise opportunities.

Northern Island consists of 6 counties, made up of dynamic cities such as Belfast, Londonderry, Lisburn, Newtonabbey and Bangor, all contributing to a population of 1,759,000. Belfast is the capital and the country's largest city, boasting a population of 0.3 million.

Northern Ireland is a country steeped in history, that wants to forget its' troubled past and build upon a vibrant and economically positive future.

Northern Ireland Featured Franchise

Looking to buy a franchise in one of the UK's most lucrative and growing industries?

Leading homecare franchise, Bluebird Care, is looking to expand their network in Northern Ireland. Find out more about this successful franchise and exciting opportunity