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Date Updated: 26-June-2017

Energy and environmental franchises

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    FiltaFry franchisees offer a repeat micro-filtration service to clients within the food industry. Franchisees can own a single unit or build up a multi-van business.

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    gas-elec franchisees carry out safety inspections and remedial works for agencies within the lucrative rental market.

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    Green Square franchisees manage a retail outlet in which they offer clients renewable energy solutions for their home or business.

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About Energy and environmental franchises

Renewable energy is high on the Government’s agenda and very much at the forefront of technology growth. With this in mind, there are franchises who are responding to the growing need for energy and environmental services and products.

If you wish to buy a business that is environmentally friendly, there are lots of different types: from micro-filtration services for the food industry to infection control equipment for the NHS and the care/social sectors. There hasn’t been a better time to invest in these green franchise businesses.

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