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Date Updated: 27-March-2017

Energy and environmental franchises

Featured Franchise

Green Square

Looking to capitalize from the booming renewable energy industry?
As a Green Square franchisee, you would provide renewable energy solutions across multiple sectors to home owners, house builders, and SME businesses – all of whom are looking to reduce fuel costs and positively impact the environment.

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    Bio-Rite franchisees provide leading care and social organisations, like the NHS, with infection control equipment and services.

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    FiltaFry Plus franchisees offer a repeat micro-filtration service to clients within the food industry. Franchisees can own a single unit or build up a multi-van business.

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    gas-elec franchisees carry out safety inspections and remedial works for agencies within the lucrative rental market.

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    Green Square franchisees manage a retail outlet in which they offer clients renewable energy solutions for their home or business.

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About Energy and environmental franchises

Looking for a green franchise? If you wish to buy a business that is environmentally friendly, then these environmental franchises could be what you are looking for.

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