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Scotland’s Top Snap-On Performer

Jim Cruickshank had been a car radio fitter but feeling there was ‘something better’ out there for him, his research soon brought him across Snap-on Tools.

When Jim contacted Snap-on about a franchise, they quickly realised he didn’t have the collateral to finance a business start up. Jim however was adamant that he was ‘the man for the job’ and his performance both in interview and when he spent time ‘on the road’ with existing franchisees supported this.

Snap-on decided to give him the chance to prove himself as a Dealer Trainee, a programme whereby a suitable candidates is employed for a period of time and then, subject to their success, they are assisted with financing their own business.

Jim’s sheer hard work and dedication proved Snap-on’s faith had been well placed. Within 18 months he had built up sufficient equity to fund a Snap-on Dealership and became the proud owner of his own franchise.

Since then he has been a regular top performer, and serial winner of sales contests, including winning a trip to Barcelona for him and his wife, Andrea.

Jim is deservedly Snap-on Tools top performing franchisee in Scotland, and faces each new challenge with the same enthusiasm he had on his first day as a tool dealer.