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Scotland - Franchise Experts

Franchising can be a very complex process. As you are buying a business you will be owning and working in for a long time, it is imperative that you make sure you know everything you need to know about franchising. Don't be rushed in. Make sure you are comfortable with the franchising model and be 100% certain that the franchise you are interested in is the right franchise for you. Equally, if you are a business owner and believe that franchising may be the right method for expanding your business, make sure you get the right advice and truly understand if your business is right for franchising. Our panel of experts below can offer initial free advice to help with your franchising decision making. Any questions you submit will be confidential and only forwarded to those requested. If we believe another expert may be better equipped to help you, we will contact you for permission to pass on to them.

Franchise General Experts

Johnny Sellyn - whichfranchise

Johnny Sellyn

Johnny Sellyn has been actively involved in franchising for over 20 years and is the Managing Director of whichfranchise UK and Franchise Resales US.

Johnny is recognised as one of the leading experts in franchising internationally. He speaks regularly about best practices in ethical franchising at franchise seminars and events.

Johnny has a specific interest in franchise resales and has worked for over 20 years working with franchisees in their exit planning.

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Franchise Financial Experts

Suki Dehal QFP - Lloyds Bank

Suki Dehal QFP Suki Dehal is Head of Franchising for Lloyds Bank. He has 11 years banking experience, including 6 in franchising. Suki is responsible for providing support to the Lloyds Bank Business Managers, assisting them in assessing proposals from prospective franchisees and ensuring that they have up to date information on the franchise systems operating within the UK. He works closely with franchisors to understand ongoing performance, training and support offered and any other developments that may affect the network.

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Franchise Legal Experts

David Kaye - Harper Macleod

David Kaye David has extensive experience in advising franchisees and franchisors over many years. He is very involved in the retail sector advising several national retailers on their franchising requirements as well as the property aspects involved. David is a regular speaker at seminars for prospective franchisees and franchisors.

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Consultant Experts

Charlie Dickson - Ashtons Franchise Consulting

Charlie Dickson

Charlie Dickson has an extensive career in franchising – both as a franchise business owner from the age of 21 in the retail sector & then working for franchisors in senior management positions in various industries & technologies.

This unique experience gives Charlie an in-depth, hands-on understanding of franchising strategy, development, implementation & operations.

Most recently he developed, launched & managed the franchise strategy for, a Michelin subsidiary, resulting in a UK network of 1,250+ franchise partners within 6 yrs.

Charlie joined Ashtons Franchise Consulting in early 2018. He is based in Edinburgh but travels extensively to advice, consult & support new and existing franchisors develop their strategies, network growth and achieve objectives & aspirations. In addition, Charlie also offers coaching, business advice & support to prospective or existing franchisees, a consultancy service he passionately believes can add real value to the franchisor / franchisee relationship, driving overall franchise success for all stakeholders.

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Suzie McCafferty - Platinum Wave

Suzie McCafferty

Suzie is an Affiliate member of the British Franchise Association, a Franchisor and Franchisee of the Year Awards Judge and Chairperson for the Scottish Franchise Forum.

With almost 20 years first-hand international franchising experience, Suzie is a well-known personality in the franchising world. Having franchised her own business from a single retail shop in Edinburgh to a network of over 70 franchised outlets across 6 countries from the Caribbean to the Middle East, it is fair to say Suzie’s consultancy comes with an authenticity that is hard to match. Suzie was also the Franchise Director and Board Member of national recruitment franchise and £30m turnover franchise network Select Appointments before setting up Platinum Wave which makes her the ideal person to consult with when it comes to both recruiting franchisees and maximizing the potential of your network.

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Euan Fraser - AMO Consulting

Euan Fraser  Over the years Euan has developed a particular expertise in franchising and has acted for over 50 franchisors involved in a variety of business sectors. Euans clients have ranged from listed companies such as Debenhams, Thorntons and through to small family owned businesses. Accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA), to give consultancy advice, Euan is an active member of the Association and regularly speaks at seminars throughout the UK.

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