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What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise from a new franchise company?

Article by Tony Urwin Ashtons Franchise

The first thing to be aware of is that there is ‘no certain thing in business’. Making a success in any business, whether a franchise or not, is down to hard work and some luck. You should therefore not be lulled into a sense of false security when investigating any franchise, whether new or well established.


Are there any disadvantages to franchising my business?

Article by Bill Hendrie The Franchise Development Centre

It would be rare, if not impossible to find a business structure that had no disadvantages, and franchising is no different. Both the franchisor and the franchisee need to not only understand, but fully adopt the ‘culture’ of a franchised operation. It is one of mutual trust and support.


The international franchisor’s guide to franchising in the UK

Article by David Bigmore David Bigmore & Co

There are no legal requirements in the United Kingdom to disclose any information to prospective Master Franchisees or prospective Franchisees. Franchisors should be wary as to claims made in prospectuses, brochures or similar publications for prospective Master Franchisees or Franchisees, particularly if they relate to earnings.


Pitfalls to look out for when entering into business contracts

Article by David Irving Mundays

Both franchisors and franchisees regularly enter into business contracts as part of their franchise business. For example franchisors may contract with suppliers to provide certain goods for their franchisors and franchisees would regularly contract with clients to provide various goods and services. When entering into any contract with a new business partner and/or client, it is extremely important to be aware of areas where you need to be on your guard.


What is a side letter?

Article by David Irving Mundays

Side letters are used by both Franchisors and Franchisees to clarify, supplement and vary franchise agreements. A recent High Court case has highlighted the importance of drafting these letters correctly to ensure their enforceability. Due to the reliance placed on side letters by both parties it is essential that they are correct and below we highlight the importance of the side letter and provide some tips on their preparation.


Why it makes good business sense to make sure you're ready for winter

Article by Maurice Logie Moreland Insurance Brokers

Scots traditionally are fairly gung-ho about their winters. They know they will be bad, but they also pride themselves on the fact that they can deal with them.


My franchisees are behaving like children!

Article by Andrew Fraser Harper MacLeod LLP

“My franchisees are behaving like children” cries the exasperated franchisor. “That’s normal” replies the consultant, “Here’s why...”

There are 4 stages in the growth of a franchisee: Childhood, Teenage, Maturity and Old age. A Franchisor has the delicate task of managing each stage to get the most out of their franchisee.


6 steps to building trust with prospective franchisees

Article by Steven Frost Smith & Henderson

Recent events have made it difficult to build trust. The forced nationalisation of banks, for example, saw many life-long customers queuing for hours to withdraw their savings. The MPs expenses scandal hardened the public’s widely-held scepticism about politicians and the phone hacking scandal damaged the media’s integrity. 


The importance of good franchise marketing

Article by Gay Turner Gay Turner PR

Good franchise marketing has never been more important nor had such a huge impact on the success of franchising.
As franchising expands in an increasingly competitive marketplace – up again by 5 per cent last year, according to the 2011 Natwest/BFA franchise survey – all franchises must make sure that their brands stand out from the crowd.


Could a franchise broker help me find the right franchise?

Article by Iain Martin The Franchising Centre

Good question. As franchising continues to expand in the UK, there is a growing number of intermediaries offering franchise brokerage services; in this article, I’ll consider the pro’s and con’s of using a franchise broker to help you in your search for your ‘ideal’ franchise.


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