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Q&A with Raring2go! franchise

Q. How would you describe Raring2go! franchise opportunity?
A. Raring2go! is a flexible, home-based, family friendly franchise opportunity which involves producing a magazine for families four times a year. It is a business which in common with others requires hard work and commitment, especially in the early stages. But it also offers a level of flexibility so that our franchisees can bridge the gap between the elusive live / work balance. Our franchisees are exceptional individuals and they choose to commit to the Raring2go! opportunity primarily for its ability to integrate neatly into family life. 

Q. How long has Raring2go! been trading?
A. Raring2go! was established in 2006. Back then it was a very different animal to the one you see today. In 2009 Mojo Publishing purchased Raring2go! and set out upon a journey of improvement and restructuring. We have spent two long years looking at our infrastructure and reinforcing our foundations. Now we are ready to start expanding across the UK and growing our network slowly, surely and properly.

Q. Describe your target market and the potential for your business across the UK
A. Our target advertisers are businesses and individuals, which have a family facing profile within the exclusive territory of our franchisee. Our magazines are a healthy split between paid for advertising and useful family friendly editorial. All our editions have a local website too so which means they offer local businesses a valuable and cost effective online and offline advertising channel.

Q. Has the current economic uncertainty affected your business?
A. Yes to some extent. Local council / authority advertising spending especially has retracted as a result of the economic situation. Our franchisees are adept though at building lasting relationships with local businesses. They assisting them in formulating an affordable, effective and targeted advertising campaign.

Q. What differentiates Raring2go! from its competition?
A. The combination of our offline and online presence makes our offering distinctive and sets us above our local competition. Also, our magazines print a minimum of 10,000 copies each and have a pretty unique distribution channel direct to the consumer. All Raring2go! editions are produced centrally through one print company which means we have a strong, vibrant and clearly identifiable brand. We provide our franchisees with a wide range of branded point of sale and promotional material too. One of our major strength’s lies in our number and our ability to offer wider regional advertising packages to our clients by involving neighbouring editors too. Suddenly a campaign can grow from a reach of 10,000 to 30,000+ very cost efficiently.

Q. What support do you provide?
A. We provide training across all aspects of the business including design, advertising sales and social media. Most of our franchisees are mothers, so we have structured a remote system to deliver much of our training. This means we can smaller groups and deliver really effective training. We also manage the emails provision and maintain our ever expanding website. We’ve just launched our bespoke Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and are rolling that out now to the network via remote training. This CRM will have a major positive impact on all our franchisees profitability.

Q. What are the most important characteristics you look for in potential franchisees?
A. We seek to recruit enthusiastic hardworking individuals who are driven to succeed in running their own business. We need team people because there will be a need to blend with our existing network and work alongside neighbouring editors. Some business experience is preferred, though not essential. Sales and or marketing skills and experience would be an advantage but again not essential. Highly personable, passionate and committed to building relationships are what it takes to be a ‘modern day’ Raring2go! editor

Q. What are Raring2go!’ goals for the next 12 months?
A. I’ve got lots of goals. I’d like to see our network’s profitability increase and see them embrace the innovations we have introduced with our web presence and our CRM. I’d like to add new franchisees to our network and develop really strong regional teams. I’d like to see our franchisee council launched and working cohesively as a team. I’d like to develop our brand so that it is instantly recognised by all. I’d like to see us grow from being an Associate Member of the BFA to a Full Member. I’d like to establish regional relationships with advertisers to assist our franchisees. I would like to redefine our territory map to offer existing franchisees more scope for growth. I’d also love to take Raring2go! to Italy and overseas markets.

Q. How has your franchise proposition changed since you first launched?
A. Since it was first launched we have made some pretty structural changes to Raring2go!
Since 2009 we have; created a new income generating ‘local’ website for each franchisee; created a content management system; a support portal; given 4 pages back to each magazine previously used by the franchisor; offered dedicated technical support; joined the BFA and EWIF; established relationships with the main franchise lending banks; re-written from scratch our franchise agreement; redesigned the magazines; created a bespoke CRM for our network; provided branded marketing collateral; restructured our franchise package;

In short, Raring2go! is truly a very different business proposition today to what it used to be. If you haven’t visited us for a while, please do so. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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