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Aussie Grill Franchise UK

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outside an Aussie Grill restaurant

At a Glance

  • Sector: Fast-Casual Dining Established: 2019 Average Size of unit: 800ft - 2,00ft
  • Average development cost: Varies depending on the size, prototype (is Food hall, In-line, or Freestanding) and region.
  • International Presence: North America, Asia, and Middle East

Bold Flavors, Quality Ingredients, Aussie Spirit of Adventure - These qualities have made Outback Steakhouse® a globally recognized brand and serve as the foundation of Aussie Grill by Outback™.

We are a new fast-casual restaurant serving craveable, innovative dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. Aussie Grill™ builds on Outback’s brand awareness, while offering a more accessible price point and convenience that customers increasingly request. Our restaurants offer convenient, fast and genuinely friendly service in a fun environment.

Unique Selling Points

  • Small, flexible footprint to meet the diverse needs of each country from food court to free standing, including non-traditional locations
  • Young and daring brand appealing to millennials, and aspirational to the generation X and boomers
  • Low initial investment costs
  • High sales to investment ratio
  • Highly localized supply chain
  • Leverages Outback’s international brand awareness
  • Service model reduces staff and operational complexity
  • Dedicated team inside a global support structure with over 30 years of experience

Financial/Ideal Partner

  • Demonstrates business success with multi-unit restaurant, retail, or hospitality sector operations - previous franchising experience a plus
  • Experience in non-traditional locations such as airports, universities, military bases, train stations, etc
  • Local knowledge & market intelligence relating to consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labor and distribution
  • Passion for food, people and community
  • Desire to grow - minimum commitment of 5-10 units
  • Clear access to at least $1M for the minimum 5-unit franchise
  • Philosophically aligned with our culture
  • Focused on exceptional operations and customer service, and looking to build large multi-unit franchise territories
  • Able to develop and lead teams, manage operations and deliver financial results
  • Financially strong, with material liquidity and access to capital to develop our brand

Seeking: Area Developers and multi-unit franchisees

inside an Aussie Grill restaurant

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