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Our services – working with whichfranchise

"When considering how best to promote the availability of new Master Franchise options to UK investors, the whichfranchise Master Franchise section is a must as far as I am concerned. The team are always most helpful when it comes to working out what is the most suitable wording, images etc to use – but of course the key thing is the results, and recently we have met some outstanding candidates, several of which have gone on to invest in our client’s concepts."
Iain Martin QFP, The International Franchising Centre

"I am highly impressed with the strategic planning and organization of whichfranchise. They continuously have our expectations not just met by exceeded by the individuals we encounter with whichfranchise. We are always looking for ways to look smarter rather than harder. The High Investment Opportunities Portfolio along with the other strategy of whichfranchise are integral to our brand strategy of working smarter. I highly recommend their strategy to all high investment brands!"
Christina Hobbs, Director of Franchise Development, Front Burner Brands, The Melting Pot

"We’ve been working with whichfranchise now for 15 years since we opened our first Domino’s store in Kilmarnock in 2004. We currently have 15 Domino’s stores across Scotland and Northern Ireland, branching out to open our first Tim Hortons Drive Thru in Stenhousemuir in December 2019. We are due to open a further 2 Domino’s and 2 Tim Hortons stores towards the end of this year, with plans to add to our group further in 2020 and beyond.”
Graeme Tobias, Multi-Unit Domino’s and Tim Hortons franchisee

whichfranchise has over 25 years’ experience of UK and International franchising. We have helped hundreds of franchisees to find the right opportunity for them and consequently have helped franchisors find the right franchisees for their business.

Our high investment and master franchising section is popular with those investors looking for higher level investment opportunities to add to their portfolio, making it an ideal platform for:

  • international franchisors looking for the right people / companies to develop their brand in the UK
  • Existing UK brands looking to sell multi-unit franchise opportunities or Area Developer rights
  • UK investors looking to invest in a higher end franchise opportunity

whichfranchise offers the following services:

For UK & International brands - High investment and master advertising

whichfranchise are experts when it comes to franchise advertising; we have been doing it for over 20 years!  Our master franchise section alone attracts over 3,000 views a month; generating many serious leads for those who advertise their brand with us.  

"We thank for quality leads and for helping us in our expansion into Scotland. Our master advert on the site provided us with many excellent enquiries, and from this we managed to secure our Master Franchisee for Scotland!"
Tim Eliasson, Husse

If you are an international franchisor looking to promote your band in the UK, we can advertise you in our Master Franchise Opportunities directory and our new High Investment Opportunities prospectus (we can send you a copy of this to view).

We would work with you to put together a profile page for the website and the prospectus that would effectively target the right investors for your business.

The prospectus is being distributed to serious, qualified investors in the UK.  We are working with a number of key partners to distribute the prospectus to their suitable clients; more information can be provided on this.

If you are an existing UK franchisor looking for investors for high investment opportunities, e.g. looking for multi-unit franchisees or wishing to find an investor to develop your brand in a larger region, then we can list you on our site and in the prospectus within the Existing UK Brands section.

For further information on the advertising packages we have available, please email

For International brands targeting the UK – Helping you find a UK Master

We can profile your brand in front of serious experienced multi-unit franchisees as well as investors and private equity groups looking to purchase a UK Master or the development rights to regions in the UK. We have platforms unique to whichfranchise which will give you unparalleled access to serious investors.

For further information on how we can help please contact Johnny Sellyn anytime

For UK investors - identify suitable opportunities for you
We work with leading franchise experts from all over the globe and so are aware of brands from US, Europe, Australia and Africa who are looking for suitable master license partners in the UK.

By contacting us, you can be the first to know about these new opportunities. We can also offer guidance when it comes to matching your skills, experience and financial situation with those brands which may be the right investment for you. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about master franchising as well as buying a high investment franchise opportunity from an existing UK brand.

To find out more about this FREE service, please email