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FREE master franchising consultation

whichfranchise has over 20 years’ experience of UK and International franchising. In that time, we have literally helped hundreds of franchisees to find the right opportunity for them and consequently have helped franchisors find the right franchisees for their business.

Our high investment and master franchising section is popular with those investors looking for higher level investment opportunities to add to their portfolio, making it an ideal platform for international franchisors looking for the right people / companies to develop their brand in the UK.

We offer a FREE initial consultation for anyone with an interest in master franchising:

International franchisors
whichfranchise is very experienced in working with large international franchise brands; we have an impressive portfolio of brands we work with.

We help international franchisors to understand the UK market, as well as find them serious potential investors who are right for their brand.

We have access NOW to serious investors who are actively looking for high investment opportunities in franchising.

UK investors
We work with leading franchise experts from all over the globe and are aware of brands from the US, Europe, Australia and Africa who are looking for suitable master license partners in the UK.

By contacting us, you can be the first to know about these new opportunities. We can also offer guidance when it comes to matching your skills, experience and financial situation with those brands which may be the right investment for you. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about international franchising.

Johnny Sellyn, founder of whichfranchise and a leading expert in international franchising is available to have a non-obligatory and free initial consultation. If you wish to speak to Johnny, please email with more information on what advice you are looking for. If you wish to arrange a consultation by telephone, please include your telephone number and best time to contact you.

As mentioned, you are under no obligation to take your enquiry further after the initial consultation stage. whichfranchise is the official online partner to the British Franchise Association and proud supporters of ethical franchising.