At a Glance

Quick Serve Restaurant


Investment Level:
£200k – £300k


International Presence:
20+ countries in Europe, America & Asia

Parent Company:
Wok to Walk Franchise BV

Wok to Walk Franchise UK

The number one wok kitchen chain in Europe

Wok to Walk is the number one wok kitchen chain in Europe.  We provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy good, quick and healthy Asian food anytime and anywhere.   

Wok to Walk is also the perfect business concept: a flawless operation, a mind-blowing margin and an internationally recognized brand that works and keeps growing even in the toughest markets, such as New York, London, Manchester, Amsterdam and Barcelona, to name a few.  Our brand is also recognised and loved in locations where we are not operating!

The Wok to Walk model works in an array of locations, from flagship stores in premium areas to hole-in-the- wall spots, to shopping centres. It caters for all kinds of customers, from white-collar to tourists to families and works well at any time throughout the day.

There isn’t a comparable player in the UK. We’re number one in Europe and plan to become number one in the rest of the world.  

Wok to Walk Financials

  • Initial franchise fee – £45,000
  • Royalties – 6%
  • Construction & development cost – £200-300 GBP/sq ft
  • Minimum financial worth – £1M
  • Minimum liquidity – £500,000
  • Training fee Included in IFF (Initial Franchise Fee)

Financial / Ideal Partner

Wok to Walk is seeking :

Multi-unit Franchise

Area Developers


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