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Active Future Franchise

Active Future is one of the largest activity providers in the UK. We provide you with the opportunity to grow a significant management franchise that impacts your community.

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At a Glance

Established: 2018

Average start up cost: £15,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

Development type: single unit franchisees / management franchise

Franchise Info

active future franchise

Grow a significant management franchise that impacts your community

Active Future is one of the largest activity providers in the UK.  We help engage those who have fallen out of love with traditional sports such as football, rugby, tennis, netball, by offering them a wide range of alternative activities.  We aim to make sporting and non-sporting activities accessible to all.

We work with schools, education departments, local governments, charities and the NHS, to deliver specific projects and events.

This includes events that bring to life popular TV Programmes (Master Chef, Apprentice, Hunted) and video games (Fortnight), which help motivate people to get out and be active.

We help schools with their PE curriculum, after school clubs as well as running exciting school competitions such as Nerf Championships.

We work with charities and organisations to deliver specific projects (some government funded) for children and adults.

We also run children’s parties that includes themes such as Fifa, Fortnight and multi-sports.

active future franchise

Our Sport Programme

Research has shown that if you want to engage people who have deselected themselves from traditional sport, simply make sport non-traditional!

We focus on the needs of the individual and provide the environment that meets this need. To this end we have 3 offerings - Community Development, Free Play and Sport Specific training:

Community Development
Working with local communities to provide activities and games for the whole family to take part in. From huge community events to weekly family games to get communities playing together.

Free Play
Quite possibly our most important part of the sports programme it provides children with the opportunity to sample a whole host of different sports, games and activities.

Sport Specific
For those children that wish to specialise in specific sports we can provide this pathway through our own expert coaching programmes or with very carefully selected partners.

When you add our sport programme to our school programme, events and funded projects, the ability to impact your local communities in unrivalled.

active future franchise

Our Franchise Opportunity

We are on a mission to improve the lives of 1 million people per week and we are looking for motivated and passionate franchisees to help us reach that milestone.

Active Future have designed a market leading innovative ecosystem of products that when combined give you a huge opportunity to scale a significant business.

You will start by selecting your favourite products and we will support you in your launch of these, from helping you find venues to running your open day.

We invest in you very early in your journey to ensure you have the best possible start to your new venture.

Your income comes from class subscriptions, hosting events and Funded Projects. A large growth area of Active Future has been Funded Projects. We expect each franchisee to receive a minimum of £50,000 of Funding (most franchisees experience significantly higher rates).

Average Turnover of AF Franchisees:

  • Year 1 £118,000
  • Year 2 £185,000

Average Gross Margin 48%

Franchise Fee - £15,000+VAT. Government funding available.

Being an Active Future Franchisee gives you a feeling of worth knowing the impact you are having on others, that, in our opinion, is unrivalled.

active future franchise

Ideal Partner

You do not need to be from a coaching background or even a sporty background. Most of our franchisees are not, they all simply share a passion and that is to improve their community.

If you share the six attributes detailed here, you could be the perfect Active Future Franchisee:

  • Do you have a passion for improving the lives of others?
  • Are you driven to succeed and will not settle for second best, do you want to be the best you can be?
  • Do you want to be part of a team of likeminded people who all support and work together to reach a huge aim?
  • Do you want to wake up every morning and love what you do and take great pleasure from the work you do?
  • Do you want to be immensely proud of the impact you have and the legacy you leave behind?
  • Finally, do you want to be well rewarded for the efforts you put in?

active future franchise

active future franchise

active future franchise

Matt Goodman Active Future

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