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MathRiders Franchise UK

MathRiders, part of the Helen Doron Educational Group, offers small group math tuition classes. The business can be scaled into a multi-unit operation.

David Laszlo Conhaim MathRiders

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At a Glance

Established: Helen Doron was established in 1985.

UK Presence: Part of the Helen Doron Educational Group, we are looking for franchisees across the UK.

Average start up cost: AOR

Min personal contribution: AOR

International Presence Helen Doron is active in 40 countries, with over 1200 units franchised.

Development type: Looking Single Unit Operators to run learning centres and studios. This is a scalable opportunity, can be developed into a multi-unit business.

Franchise Info

Mathriders franchise

Helen Doron MathRiders is based upon a proven, successful methodology that understands children’s different learning styles and opens their minds to the language of maths. Children respond enthusiastically when maths is presented in a fun, intuitive way. Our students range from 2 – 19 years!

A combination of small group learning, positive reinforcement, and a dynamic learning setting including games and music keeps students engaged and eager to learn. Research has shown that an enhanced learning environment improves the quality of the process of gaining knowledge or skills.

MathRiders was developed with an understanding of the advantages of both individual attention and group learning. To reach a perfect balance, all classes are comprised of 4 to 8 children. This creates the ideal setting for dynamic learning—small enough for personalised attention and large enough for group activities to be fun and rewarding. This small group, collaborative learning environment has been shown to significantly improve student performance. Students of all ages respond and succeed.

Mathriders franchise

What does a MathRiders Franchisee do?

  • Develop your area to its maximum potential
  • Create a marketing strategy and execute a marketing plan for your area
  • Recruit students
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the parents
  • Hire and supervise teachers
  • Sell educational materials for each MathRiders program
  • Work closely with the network 

Franchise fees for single units typically amount to £25,000 as an investment. We also have opportunities for the right people to develop a multi-unit business.

Benefits of franchising with MathRiders

Helen Doron Educational Group is an established leader with over 30 years of excellence in children’s education. If you are an entrepreneur in the field of education, we invite you to join our network of passionate professionals, committed to enhancing the lives of children around the world. Key benefits include:

  • Professional training courses providing franchisees with organisational, administrative and pedagogic information needed to open and operate the new franchise business
  • Marketing & promotional resources, as well as marketing advice for use in marketing, sales and PR campaigns
  • Business resources including: training manuals, guidelines and templates to develop a successful business
  • Ongoing guidance and consulting

Ideal Partner

We keenly embrace partnerships with those who share our passion for education and financial prosperity and demonstrate unwavering dedication to achieving our objectives.

MathRiders Franchisee requires a background in business management and a passion for Mathematics.

Mathriders franchise

David Laszlo Conhaim MathRiders

Interested in MathRiders?

Contact David Laszlo Conhaim

Global Sales Manager...For an insight into MathRiders opportunities...

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