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The Leak Detective Franchise

The Leak Detective are specialists when it comes to water leak detection. Ideal for existing plumbing and heating businesses looking to bolt on leak detection to their operation.

David Hunt The Leak Detective

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At a Glance

Established: Water Loss Solutions est. 2017. Rebranded to The Leak Detective in 2022. Started franchising in 2023.

UK Presence: First franchisees signed in Milton Keynes and Humberside. Oxford and Birmingham areas currently in the pipeline.

Average start up cost: £17,395

Min personal contribution: AOR

Development type: single unit franchise partners

Franchise Info

the leak detective franchise

Are you interested in earning up to £100k a year finding water leaks the smart way?

The Leak Detective are specialists in water leak detection in commercial and private properties.

The original business, Water Loss Solutions, was formed in 2017 in Scotland by David Hunt and Colin MacDonald. At that time, leak detection was growing as a standard feature of insurance policies and the demand for these skills snowballed. As the years progressed and the skills improved, a decision was made by David and Colin to separate the leak detection work as a specialist service and so the Leak Detective was set up in 2022.  Whilst, Water Loss Solutions continues to trade, the Leak Detective is being developed as a UK wide franchise business.

We have invested heavily in the very best of equipment to ensure we can accurately locate even the smallest of leaks, our whole reason for existing is to bring value by accurate identification, thereby saving our clients costs and disruption.

All our engineers started as qualified plumbers and have grown their skills and knowledge sufficiently to become expert leak detection engineers.

We are now looking to expand across the UK via franchising and have signed our first couple of franchisees in Milton Keynes and Humberside. The Leak Detective franchise will train and equip you with all the necessary skills to develop your own business in this interesting and challenging sector.

If you are a plumber, heating engineer or have competent skills in these areas with ambitions to grow a business, then the Leak Detective could be for you.  Also, considerable follow-on revenue potential as a bolt on to an existing business.

the leak detective franchise

Why buy a Leak Detection Franchise?

Because it works. We’ve proven it over many years with our original and still operating leak detection business in Scotland. This is a growing and highly profitable business model.

When you buy a Leak Detective franchise you will have full access to our technical training, knowledge and software systems developed over time at some considerable cost. This will give you the best possible start to your new business, saving you costly mistakes.

You will also have access to our business and industry knowledge. The two founders each have well over 20 years of experience in the wider insurance repair industry. They therefore know how to run a successful business and will pass this onto you via the Leak Detective franchise system.

The founders have great contacts within the insurance industry. They are being constantly approached to ‘Go National’. There is an expectation that national insurance contracts will be available for our franchisees fairly quickly after launch*.

Other benefits:

  • £100,000 turnover per year can reasonably be expected
  • Release your potential, stop working for somebody else
  • Acquire skills that few others have
  • Stop competing against the masses
  • Niche profitable sector

the leak detective franchise

The Market

The demand for skilled leak detection is growing fast. There are many factors driving this trend including:

Modern building techniques - have given rise to finding water leaks increasingly difficult. There has been a trend to hide and box in water pipes with expensive wall and floor coverings, giving little thought to maintenance and inspection. This creates difficult and expensive problems for property owners and insurers when a leak occurs.

Insurance policy cover for ‘Trace & Access’ - has become mainstream with almost all policies offering this cover, in this massively growing sector. Insurance companies value skilled leak detection engineers and are willing to pay a premium for their services.

Environmental change - is leading to an increased focus on water as a finite resource. Three billion litres of water are lost every day in England & Wales(1). Water companies now have demanding Government targets to cut leakage and have statutory powers to force property owners to act if large leakage is detected. Someone has to find this leakage - it might as well be you. (1) Figure accurate as of Oct 2020.

the leak detective franchise

Ideal partner

We are looking for people with high energy levels and who are hardworking, focussed and committed. You should be ambitious and have a determination to succeed. You must have a strong technical mindset – plumbing or related trade qualifications and experience is a distinct advantage.

A Leak Detective franchise will appeal to you if you are one of the following;

  • Someone looking for a chance to start their first business.
  • An existing plumbing or heating company looking to expand into a new sector.
  • An existing insurance property repair company looking to bolt on leak detection to their operation. This will bring very significant six figure additional revenue for the follow on property repairs.
  • An existing independent leak detection business looking to get on board with the Leak Detective to protect your territory from competitors and take advantage of potential new national accounts.

How much does the franchise cost?

The Franchise Package ranges from £23,395+VAT to £50,250+VAT (depending on circumstances ie what business assets they currently have or equipment they wish to invest in).

This include a Franchisee Fee of £15,995+VAT*.

*For the first six franchisees to sign up we are reducing the Franchise Fee to £9,995, saving £6,000 on the above figures. This means you could get started with as little as £17,395+VAT.

the leak detective franchise

David Hunt The Leak Detective

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The Leak Detective franchise has signed up five new franchisees in the past few months. They are joining the network from Milton Keynes, Oxford, Birmingham, Humberside and Devon & Cornwall.

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A family affair at The Leak Detective Oxford

The Leak Detective is delighted to welcome aboard Alex Golding as the new franchisee for the Oxford area. Alex joins forces with his sister Eileen and nephew, Peter, to turn our mission of leak detection excellence into a family business in Oxford.  

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Leak Detective has signed up a new franchisee for Humberside

Leak Detective, the leading specialists when it comes to water leak detection, is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their ever-growing family: Richard Hunt. Richard will be running their newest franchise, Leak Detective Humberside.  

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Leak Detective signs first franchisee

The Leak Detective, the leading specialists in water leak detection, have signed their first franchisee. Sahladine Lodge is the franchisee for the Milton Keynes area.

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Are you looking for a business opportunity built on solid foundations and could deliver potential earnings of up to £100,000 a year. The Leak Detective, a newly formed franchise, is looking for ambitious business partners to establish a network of leak detection specialists.

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