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Paragon Gym Franchise

If you are looking for a gym franchise that has mass appeal, one that not only attracts members but retains them, growing not only membership numbers but profits then you should look at Paragon.

Ty Clarke Paragon Gym

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At a Glance

Established: 2020

UK Presence: Looking for partners across the UK

Average start up cost: AOR

Min personal contribution: AOR

Development type: Single or Multi-site options + re-branding of existing Gyms available

Franchise Info

paragon gym


As a Paragon Gym owner you will take advantage of a gap in gym sector allowing you to build a substantial business with a growing loyal membership.  A Paragon Gym fills the gap between the large commercial gyms, where selling anything from sportswear to coffee is just as important to them as their membership, and the ‘backstreet’ operations where building muscle is often the only aim.

Paragon operates as an Aesthetics Gym offering the opportunity for members to participate in a wide range of fitness and  exercise disciplines promoting a more balanced and active lifestyle. Having built a successful sustainable business model we are excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to join the Paragon Brand and take advantage of a business sector that has not only shown historic growth but one that continues to grow.

Whether you are looking for a single outlet, multiple sites or if you are an existing gym owner and wish to take advantage of our brand and expertise in attracting and retaining members then we would be interested in talking to you.

What Separates Us From the ‘Pack’  

  • The range of Health/Fitness activities available to include: Bodybuilding, cardiovascular training, mobility, strength & conditioning, HIT, cross fit, combat sports, MMA and Boxing.
  • Our equipment: the widest range and the highest quality available
  • The atmosphere: Paragon membership is equally appealing to both females and males because of the atmosphere that we create, welcoming and friendly making those who enter the gym know that they are more than just gym members 
  • Our skill across the social media platforms – a major marketing tool and a magnet for membership

paragon gym


  • Advice and assistance on a suitable site for your gym
  • An exclusive territory
  • 5-year renewable licence to operate under the Paragon Brand
  • A comprehensive launch package of premium gym equipment
  • Access to a product range for extra sales and profits
  • In-depth induction and ongoing training programmes
  • A suite of Operations Manuals
  • Website Inclusion
  • Marketing Support – A strong online presence is the major factor  in building membership. You will benefit from Ty Clarke’s online network and experience in the sector to grow your business


Your Licence Fee to become a Paragon Gym owner is £14,950 for a five-year licence which is automatically renewable for a further two five-year terms with no additional payment.

Your launch package, consisting of the equipment that you need to set up your gym and your training, will be £250,000. Additional funds, including working capital, will be needed depending on the size and condition of your location. We will advise on the amount of capital required on an individual basis and will assist you with your business plan as well as introducing you to the major high street banks that are very supportive of lending to franchise businesses.

paragon gym


You don’t need to be fanatical about fitness to own a Paragon Gym. It is likely however that you will have a general interest in fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle for others. People skills are a must as your business relies on promoting good relationships with your clients. A previous business background and a basic understanding of Profit & Loss and Cashflow whilst an advantage is not a necessity as our training and support are there to assist and guide you.

We offer the option for you to open single or multi-site units or if you have an existing gym that you feel may benefit from re-branding as Paragon allowing you to take advantage of our expertise in growing gym memberships then this may be a route to growth for your business.

Whatever the reason for your inquiry, we would be interested in talking to you.

If you are interested in finding out more about a gym franchise that is different from the competition , then complete the enquiry form below and have a chat with one of our team.

paragon gym

paragon gym

paragon gym

Ty Clarke Paragon Gym

Interested in Paragon Gym?

Contact Ty Clarke

For an insight into Paragon Gym

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Franchisor Interview
Interview with Ty Clarke, Paragon Gym Franchisor

Ty Clarke’s passion for fitness first started from a very young age. “I started training because I suffered a lot with my self-confidence as throughout my adolescent years, I was a lot smaller than most of my contemporaries. I became obsessed with bettering myself which came from having a sporting background. I was often told I was ‘too weak’ or ‘too small’ to play my chosen sport. In 2020, during the Pandemic, I had the opportunity to purchase Paragon Gym and I have not looked back since.”

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So what has Paragon Gym achieved so far…it outgrew its 4000 square foot site in just two years, the business grew with very little capital, and it continues to attracts new customers monthly whilst having an amazing retention rate. And so what does the future hold?

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