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Home of the battered chip. Quick service restaurant & delivery model to maximise revenue and utilise full potential of the site. Simple operation, great owner support, low set up cost & 30+ years’ experience.

Bek Halil Bek's

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At a Glance

Established: Over 35 years ago.

UK Presence: Original store is in the town of Wednesbury, West Midlands; been running successfully for 35 years. First franchised store now open in Aldridge, Walsall.

Average start up cost: £250,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

Development type: single and multi-unit operators

Franchise Info

beks fish and chips

Bek’s is the home of the battered chip, and you can now join the chip revolution!

Fish and chips are the undisputed National Dish of Great Britain, becoming a cultural and culinary symbol of our country. But at Bek’s we want to do things differently, we want to put the “Battered Chips” on the map too and turn them into national, potentially even global phenomenon.

We have been running a hugely successful family-run business for over 30 years. We serve some of the tastiest chips in the UK and we have the fantastic reviews to prove it. Bek’s has experienced national brand recognition on a huge scale and continues to grow.

We believe now is the perfect time to share our recipe for success with likeminded individuals and grow the Bek’s brand across the UK. Bek’s is one of the highest rated quick service restaurants in the UK and our customer base is growing by the day.

Our USP is our Black Country style battered chips that will eventually take the nation by storm.

Bek Halil, Managing Director
Bek has been involved in the fish and chips industry for over 15 years and has successfully used his inherent skills and abilities, understanding of compliance, operations and knowledge from his ex-banking and finance background to propel Beks forward and growing it by 400% since taking over the family business.

beks fish and chips


The fish and chip industry is in a great position. In the UK we spend a staggering £1.2 BILLION on fish and chips annually!!

  • There are currently in the region of 10,500 specialists’ fish and chip shops in the UK.
  • 80% of people visit a fish and chip shop every year with 22% of people visiting every week!
  • 56% of people buy fish and chips to eat in the home as a family meal.


Our quick service restaurant model works in so many environments - service stations, airports, local towns or city centres, retail parks - the possibilities are just endless.

You will be running your own busy shop that offers all the signature Bek’s offerings including but not limited to fish and chips, kebabs and more!

Your Bek’s quick service restaurant will be fully kitted out, allowing you to provide the ultimate Bek’s experience for your customers. Whether they choose to eat in your restaurant or in the comfort of their own home, you’ll be serving up our classic menu options for your customers to enjoy.

With Bek’s you can be sure that we will be with you every step of the way helping you to build a profitable fish and chip or chip only business alongside our already established and successful brand.

  • Package fee: £250,000
  • License fee: £14,950


We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to be a part of our expansion journey and really want to commit to making Bek’s a success. We are not looking for investors with huge capital or whose sole focus is purely driven by financial reward. That being said, franchisees can expect a healthy return on investment.

If you have a passion for food and our brand you are likely to excel as a Bek’s franchisee. We want to see our franchisees succeed, if you succeed, we succeed. Our model allows franchisees to flourish, and we are ready to build a strong franchise network of profitable Bek’s businesses.

beks kebab

beks kebab

beks chips

beks fish and chips

beks fish and chips

Bek Halil Bek's

Interested in Bek's ?

Contact Bek Halil

Founder of Bek's - For further information

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Success Stories

Success Story
Bek’s reaching new heights as there first ever franchised store achieves record breaking sales

We recently caught up with Dean Haynes, the first ever franchisee of Bek’s and how his store in Aldridge is performing after an outstanding first few weeks within the business, here’s what Dean had to say…

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Success Story
Bek's Secure Franchising Investment with a "Big Fish"

Bek’s are delighted to announce Dean Haynes from CGOL Restaurants Ltd as their first ever franchisee. This will mean that Bek’s plan to open a second store in spring in a location yet to be announced as we are finalising planning.

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Franchisor Interview
Exclusive interview with Bek Halil

Fish and chip shops have always been a big part of Bek Halil’s life. Numerous members of his family have owned them over the years with his grandfather being one of the first migrants from Cyprus to enter the fish and chip trade.  His mother established Beks in 1989 but wanted Bek to go to university and do something different. “I had a great career in banking as well as working for food safety and health and safety firms. Whilst I was learning within my profession, I was implementing all these strategies into my mother’s fish and chip business.”  Whilst Bek originally got involved to formulate an exit strategy for his mother who was approaching retirement age, he soon realised that the business had grown to such a scale that there was an opportunity to develop it further. This has led them to franchising their proven model!

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Bek's Aldridge now open and hits record sales on first day!

Bek's, home of the battered chips, has opened its first franchise in Aldridge.  And on what was supposed to be a soft opening, they have managed to break the record amount of daily sales in the history of Bek's for front of house takings and footfall in a single trading day!

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Exciting times at Bek's as first franchised store set to open in Spring 2023

Bek’s are excited to announce their first franchised store opening in the town of Aldridge, Walsall. The new franchised store will be under the ownership of Dean Haynes. Dean has a proven pedigree within the franchising sector already as a multi-unit franchisee within a popular F&B brand. Bek's has experienced significant growth at their current site in the town of Wednesbury and is on course to see further sites open in the not-so-distant future.

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