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Fifo Capital Franchise UK

Fifo Capital are a global business finance brand providing short term working capital solutions for secure small and medium businesses. Over 70 franchisees and growing.

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At a Glance

Established: 2008

UK Presence: Over 70 Franchisees

Average start up cost: £25,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

International Presence Operating in UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Development type: Single unit franchises

Franchise Info

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Fifo Capital is a fast-growing, global business finance brand with businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and UK. 

Fifo Capital provide short term working capital solutions for secure small and medium businesses, and high returns for our Business Partners. Since the launch in New Zealand in 2005 we are now more than 70 successful franchisees with a total turnover of more than £ 650 mill. Average growth rate over the last three years has been 39%.

What we do

The Fifo Capital business was created to fill a gap in the small-business finance market, providing short-term, high-return, flexible finance for secure businesses where bank loans made them too onerous to pursue.

Clients are obtained via business partners forming working alliances with finance and insurance brokers, bankers, accountants, bookkeepers, factoring firms and other finance operators, such as asset-based lenders. The details of these referral partner’s are submitted to Fifo Capital’s IT system, and head office regularly produce and send digital marketing communications to these partners.

Fifo Capital differentiates itself from other market operators by being comprised of many locally based franchised owner-operators who make fast business decisions by using a simple approval system which contains robust checks and balances to reduce the risks of bad debts. We meet people and develop local relationships who refer us to SME’s that need cash flow support – call it old school, but we are different, and we know it works!

Business partners can make extraordinary financial returns, of which a number have become millionaires as a direct result of their Fifo Capital business investment. What’s more, the lifestyle their business has afforded them is a healthy family-orientated lifestyle.

Client benefits

  • Extremely flexible finance products
  • Fast approval and funding
  • Simple application, approval and funding process
  • Does not affect present banking arrangements

Business partner benefits

  • Internationally proven successful business model
  • Be your own boss and manage your own time
  • Invest your own money with high returns and low risk (asset backed and secured)
  • Nationwide network of referral partners
  • Cloud based management systems
  • Strong business, marketing and transactional support
  • Work with and support local SME business owners

How we support you

Our proprietary IT system manages all business workflows stepping business partners with client conversions and transaction assessments. It is simple to navigate and is an all in one secure system.

Initial and on-going support as well as site visits are fully catered for and set on place with all business partners when they join.

What makes a successful Fifo Capital partner?

Our most successful (now millionaires) business partners are motivated, assertive, driven, business savvy individuals who are hungry for success.

This business is not difficult for those who follow our proven system and take control of their time. If you possess these qualities, we welcome you to work with us and make a success of it.

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