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Coffee-Bike is a mobile coffee franchise. This is a low investment franchise with no fixed fees.

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At a Glance

Established: 2010

Start Up Cost: £15,000

Min personal contribution: £5,000

International Presence Over 250 franchises across 18 countries worldwide including Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, India, Romania and Turkey.

BFA Status: Associate

Franchise Info

coffee-bike mobile franchise

Ever dream of owning your own coffee shop business? Maybe the high investment costs have stopped you from doing so? If so, a Coffee-Bike franchise may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Coffee-Bike enables you to operate your own café on three wheels - without large initial investments.

Whether on the weekly market, at a street corner, special occasions or your favourite events, the Coffee-Bike attracts peoples’ attention. Wherever you put it – people will come and buy delicious coffee from it – and the gourmet taste from our exclusive coffee beans ensures they will keep coming back for more.

The mobile coffee shop has an extensive product portfolio. Alongside a multitude of coffee classics and coffee specialities, the Coffee-Bike also offers unique coffee cocktails, selected teas and freshly pressed orange juice, when in season, with small snacks such as brownies, cookies and other delicacies to complement your beverage.

Every mobile coffee shop is developed, designed and hand built in our own manufacturing facilities on location in Osnabrueck, Germany.

Coffee-Bike is now looking to expand its network throughout the UK and looking for likeminded individuals to join our ever-growing network.

The role of a Coffee-Bike franchisee

Coffee-Bike franchisees provide a mix of being out on the road serving coffee with your own bike, booking catering orders, and managing the growth of your own business with our support and guidance. Added to that you will also manage your stock and ordering levels and where appropriate, people.

You will be able to operate the hours that suit you instead of being restricted to store opening and closing times.

You are not a barista 24/7, but also responsible for developing entrepreneurial skills to become a successful Coffee-Biker and a multi-bike operation.

coffee-bike franchisees serving coffee

The rewards of a Coffee-Bike franchisee

Hard work along with choosing the best places to operate the bikes ensure big rewards. Our busiest UK franchisee’s can turnover upwards of £15,000 per month from one bike in one location. With coffee having one of the highest margins in the Hospitality sector you can expect margins of around 60% after deducting your cost of sales (approx. 20%) and VAT (20%).

Growth and ambition are rewarded by a cost reduction in each additional bike that is acquired by the franchisee. Enterprising business owners now have up to 5 bikes operating from their franchise. There is no limit to the number of bikes you can operate – start building your portfolio today!

Coffee-Bike franchise advantages

  • No monthly fixed fee - our fee only accrues for the coffee specialities you actually sell - your success is our success! No fees accrue for any additional beverages such as tea, hot chocolate and freshly pressed orange juice or any snacks sold at the Bike.
  • Low investment volume - there is no need for expensive shop fitting and the entrance fee is unbeatably low. With the Coffee-Bike franchise concept you can establish your own business with low equity. If you are short on equity we can also advise where to get business start up loans. You can be up and running from around £10,000 plus VAT on our rental model.
  • Renting instead of purchasing - Our renting model gives you the opportunity to become a franchisee without having to purchase a Coffee-Bike. Your initial investment will be much lower.
  • Mobility and flexibility - Our franchisees have many advantages from the Coffee-Bike’s mobility. Customers are thrilled about the Coffee-Bike's flexibility and ability to offer a coffee shop’s entire portfolio of products at the most unexpected location. The Coffee-Bike is self-sufficient and can be operated almost everywhere for 18 hours before needing to be recharged.
  • Less paperwork - We help you organise all bureaucratic matters, procure events for you and support you while you organise your own business. This way, you can focus on making your way to success with your Coffee-Bike.
  • A strong brand - Benefit from the advantages of a comprehensive marketing concept: from your own business cards to internationally protected word marks.
  • Coffee-Bike Academy - A four-week interactive online course in our Online Academy will intensively prepare you for your business launch. Afterwards you will receive extensive barista and technical training at our Coffee-Bike Academy in Osnabrueck, Germany for several days.
  • Coffee-Bike network - The multitude of our franchisees supply us with new insights daily. We utilise these findings to further develop our business and broaden our extensive network of knowledge about the Coffee-Bike.

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