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As a prominent leader in the multi-billion-£ private tutoring industry, Tutor Doctor franchise is experiencing one of the fastest growing international expansions of any educational company in the history of franchising.

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At a Glance

Established: 2000

UK Presence: Over 133 franchises

Average start up cost: £38,000

Min personal contribution: £13,500

International Presence Over 600 franchisees across 13 countries

Development type: Single-unit franchises; multi-unit franchises

Franchise Membership: bfa Expanding

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Experience the Education Boom with Tutor Doctor!

We’ve helped countless franchisees in the UK launch profitable businesses. Our tools, processes and unparalleled support have helped our franchisees in the UK build and grow their businesses. You always have the support of the Head Office team and our wider network of fellow franchisees around the globe for guidance and help.

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The private tutoring industry presents a huge opportunity which continues to grow; a recent study conducted by the Sutton Trust found that over a third of pupils in the UK receive private tuition, and that nearly 60% of secondary school students in the UK have received private tuition at some point in their academic career.

This landscape presents massive opportunities for Tutor Doctor franchisees in the UK. There is plenty of business to be generated by tapping into the unique opportunity to work with schools and local authorities through extensive funding from government grants. As a brand, we have already worked with more than 500 schools and 5,300 students.

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Tutor Doctor: Personalised, Local, and More Than Just Tutoring

Tutor Doctor is a tutoring company that provides personalised, local, and more than just tutoring services. We believe that every student learns differently, so we take the time to match tutors to their students based on their individual needs and learning styles. We also adopt a creative approach in our tuition that is tailored to each child.

In addition to providing one-on-one tutoring, we also offer a variety of other services, such as our X-Skills Programme, which teaches students vital life skills. We also regularly update parents on their child's progress.

We are proud to be an active Corporate Member of The Tutors' Association, and we are committed to furthering the UK's tutoring profession and standards.

Our claims may be bold, but that’s because we have 3,000+ reviews giving us a Google score of 4.9/5. We are also proud that two of the 29 National Tutoring Programme (NTP) approved tuition partners in the UK are Tutor Doctor franchisees.

We're also award winning: The #1 education franchise in the UK. Featured in Elite Franchise Top 100 every year since its inception. Highly Commended by the Best Children’s Services & Education Franchise at the 2021 Global Franchise Awards.

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Training & Support

Since commencing franchise operations in the UK in 2008, we’ve used our experience to help our franchisees get their businesses up and tutoring as quickly as possible, by perfecting a comprehensive onboarding process. We assign each franchisee a Launch Support Specialist who works closely with you throughout your first year in all aspects of the business, along with preparing you for business ownership from the outset.

Following this, you can choose the type of ongoing support that fits your needs best. Get help when and where you need it with Specialist Support or participate in our Active Coaching Program, which will give you access to one-to-one coaching to guide you through your next year of operation.

Financial Info

Tutor Doctor’s flexible investment options mean that new entrepreneurs can start with one protected UK territory with the ability to expand in the future, or candidates with more business experience can opt operate on a larger scale by choosing the Empire Builder option.

Working from home results in lower overheads as there are no premises, equipment, leases or inventory to have to consider.

Our franchise fee starts at £38,000, but if you have at least £13,500 in available liquid capital, Tutor Doctor has a number of financial partners who can help you finance your investment; alternatively, you may qualify for the Government backed Business Start-Up Scheme which allows you to borrow up to £25,000 without investing any money of your own. (This figure doubles if the business has two Directors.)

Expected ROI after two years vary, but our priority is always to give you the support required to make your franchise profitable and successful. Moreover, research has demonstrated that franchisees who follow our proven model consistently have enjoyed high and early returns, as well as compounding recurring revenues

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Build a Profitable Business and Change Lives in Your Community!

If you are looking for a rewarding business opportunity that allows you to make a difference in your community, then a Tutor Doctor franchise is the right choice for you. We offer a proven business model, ongoing support, and the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals.

We believe that this is a significant moment in the next generation's education, and we are committed to being a catalyst for change. Join us today and help us make a difference!

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Tutor Doctor Franchise Resales

Success Stories

Success Story
Making a mark on the network by capitalising on Tutor Doctor’s bespoke schools programme

Giving back has always been Neil and Melodie Watson’s priority. With Neil’s 25 years’ experience as Managing Director of manufacturing companies combined with Melodie’s 22 years working in high school pastoral departments, the pair have always been motivated by providing invaluable opportunities to better their community. So, after reassessing their careers and endeavouring to find a shared venture that would make them feel personally and financially rewarded, September 2022 was the turning point that finally put them in the right direction.

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Success Story
South East London female educator continues to inspire local students and community five years on

This year, Greenwich-based businesswoman Amrit Rahi is celebrating her fifth anniversary with in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Using the pandemic to advance her operations, Amrit has established herself as an important part of improving the wellbeing of children and students in south-east London, as well as providing high-quality and personalised educational experiences.

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Success Story
The Start of a New Life with Tutor Doctor

After a career spanning three decades in sales, Stephen Woolley began to tire of his role. Looking for an opportunity to be his own boss and manage his own work schedules Stephen started to consider new roles. Wanting to use the skills he had learned over his past work experience he found that a Tutor Doctor franchise could allow him to achieve his goals. Having launched the Loughborough franchise of Tutor Doctor in 2017, Stephen talks to us about his experience and how he is growing the buisness.

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Success Story
Interview: Ex-finance director searches for more “soul”

When Piyush Gupta was offered redundancy after 20+ years working within finance, he jumped at the opportunity. In trying to decide on his future, Piyush’s main aim was to find something that offered more fulfilment and enjoyment. Something with ‘a little bit more soul’. After evaluating his priorities and assessing his skillset, Piyush knew the direction he wanted to take. All that was left was to find the perfect role. Learn more about how Piyush found the perfect opportunity with Tutor Doctor...

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Success Story
Former teacher makes education her business with Tutor Doctor

After launching her Tutor Doctor franchise in 2017, Amrit Rahi-Deogun has expanded her operation each year. With over 100 tutors on the books the number of families she works with has nearly doubled each year and is still growing! Amrit is a mother-of-two and puts her success down to her experience of working in education. Her background in both schools and youth services has given her a base of supporting childern with their learning. Realising a passion could become a business, Amrit has developed her growing business, learn about her journey with Tutor Doctor and opportunties for you to follow in her footsteps...

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Success Story
Meet the former teacher taking centre stage

Roger Kennedy has had quite the career, from the theatre stage to the small screen and even stand-up comedy before finally finding his passion for education; all before the age of 30! After seven years in teaching, disillusioned by what he describes as the ‘daily bureaucracy’, Roger decided that he wanted to take control over the help and support he could offer young people. Less than six months into his new Tutor Doctor business, Roger says he has only one regret: not doing it sooner!

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Back to school boost for Tutor Doctor franchisees

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges for the educational sector, Tutor Doctor has not just navigated the uncertainty but has thrived, setting new benchmarks for success. As the UK’s leading tutoring franchise, the business is celebrating the start of a new school year following months of record-breaking accomplishments, robust growth, and innovative contributions to personalised education solutions.

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A lesson on how prospects can get the most out of a franchise show

With expo season well underway, it is time for prospects to engage themselves and become fully immersed in the limitless possibilities of franchising. While there are significant benefits to franchisors providing prospects with a host of online resources to learn and absorb the information needed about a franchise opportunity, the power of a face-to-face meeting is undeniable. And with London’s recent International Franchise Show being one of the UK’s biggest to date, the franchise industry is continuing to affirm its proof of concept by welcoming sociable, driven entrepreneurs. Here, Frank Milner, the global president of the in-home and online tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor,

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Tutor Doctor franchisee clinches top spot in national tutoring awards

Rob and Lynne Kerrison, founders of Cambridge and Norwich-based tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, are celebrating a huge success after being crowned the winners of a national tutoring award. The husband-and-wife led company has been honoured by a distinguished panel of judges with the National Tutoring Award 2023 for ‘Best Tuition Delivery to Schools’, presented at this year’s award ceremony in London on 30th June.

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Doncaster teacher launches own tutoring business to support local education system

After 14 years of teaching physical education (PE) in an over-stretched school system, and almost as many years of having to miss out on her own children’s sports days, Nicola Brough was determined to have a positive impact on local children’s education. The Doncaster-born mum-of-two decided to start a new venture with a flexible in-home, online and in-school personalised tutoring company, Tutor Doctor.

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Technology education specialist reinspires a love of learning to Bury St Edmunds students

In a career move driven by the desire to reinspire a love of learning in the student body across Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding areas, local technology education specialist Chris Bramwell has recently launched his new business venture, Tutor Doctor. Hoping to “lead the charge on what really needs to be addressed in modern learning”, Chris will be providing high-quality, personalised tutoring to supplement children’s mainstream education journeys as they return to the classroom for the new academic year next month. 

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Utilising artificial intelligence to enhance your franchise in the education industry

AI is enhancing human work by automating repetitive tasks without replacing those that require human interaction. Consequently, many franchises are already on the path of integrating AI into their operations to augment productivity, conserve time, and support their franchisees. Frank Milner, Global President of Tutor Doctor, elaborates on how AI can be employed to streamline, facilitate, and strengthen business operations in the education franchise industry, while confirming that there's no immediate threat of AI chatbots replacing human educators.

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